Sil Stole Family Inheritance After The Death Of Her Mil And Husband

My husbands sister in law is the most selfish, deceptive, and greedy individual I have ever known. Two years ago my my brother in law, Mike married a woman named Becky, and moved into a house in Prescott, AZ hoping to live out their entire lives together. Their marriage brought together an extended family which consisted of Becky's son from a previous marriage, and their baby granddaughter. Unfortunately, Becky had been diagnosed with an illness that could not be cured. With that being said she designated herself to be a house wife taking care of her family.  One day when Mike, a firefighter for the Daisy Mountain Fire  Department, came home he found, her dead laying on the floor. This overtook him with sadness, and he made sure that she had an honorable funeral that was funded by the fire department he worked for. All of his immediate relatives came to support him which included his mother, brothers, and grandparents. Mike was never particularly close to his siblings after childhood, and he still harbored some unknown resentment towards them. Becky, as he would later admit on Facebook, "Was the glue that held them together." With Becky gone, Mike fell further into despair, and his unresolved anger escalated to the point where he soon detached himself from the rest of his family. However, during this time his mother had been diagnosed with a deadly disease, and was told she only had a couple of years to live. Knowing this Mike took pity on his mother, and invited her to move in with him after his wife's death.  The family, which in large part included my husband, was having trouble financially assisting her to pay her daily rent, and bills. This seemed like the best resolution at the time, and my mother in law gladly moved up to Prescott from Scottsdale where she was currently living, in hopes of spending her remaining years with her family. Unfortunately, a woman named Felisha came into Mike's life offering what seemed to be much needed  love, and support. I estimate their relationship being about six months before the decision was made that Felisha would move in. Why exactly she moved in so early on in their relationship no one knows, but I think it's safe to speculate that she offered to help Mike with his ailing mother. Months rolled by, and things seemed to be okay, Felisha seemed to be a loving partner in an otherwise unideal situation. Felisha also had a son from a previous marriage who had grown close to Mike, and whom Mike started regarding as his own son. Despite the fact that Mike's wife had died less than a year ago, Mike grew comfortable with regarding his new girlfriend  Felsiha, and her child as his family. However, one day Felisha made a big announcement to Mike, and told him that she was pregnant. She purposely had stopped taking her birth control pills to become pregnant with Mike's child. Mike stormed out of the house furious to collect his thoughts, but after a couple of days he came to terms with the idea, and returned home a grateful father to be. Mike's mother was delighted to find out that her first grandchild was on the way, and although she wouldn't get to see him/her grow up this made her so happy. Up until this point Felisha had been helpful, and trustworthy with helping out Mike's mother in law, and also helping out around the house. Felisha quit her job four months into her pregnancy claiming that Mike, wanted her to stop working since she was expecting their first child. However, the financial burden was then put  on my deathly ill, mother in law, even though she was still struggling with medical bills, and other financial burdens. Mike on some occasions asked her to pitch in about $400 bucks a month, but also told her to not worry about it if she couldn't come up with the money. Feeling guilt ridden, and a burden on her family, she often asked other family members to help her out with her monthly medical, and car expenses. My husband, generously handed her the money, without expecting it to be paid back of course. Her mother snuck her a few hundred bucks here, and there, but their wasn't much she could contribute since her and her husband were old, and their medical bills were piling up also. For the most part, all of her family contributed, and they helped her out with what they could afford at the time. Yet, as the year came to an end Felisha became more demanding of Mike's attention, and often seemed jealous from the prospective of Mike's older son from his previous marriage to Becky. His older son Beau, had also been living with them throughout this time, and noticed a decline in my mother in laws health, and increase in Felisha's overly dominant behavior. Soon Felisha demanded that her mother in law be moved to the furthest room in the house to make room for the babies nursery. Although my mother in law couldn't move around much because of her lung disease restricting her breathing, she was still moved to the other bedroom  along with all of her medical equipment. This was the first sign that Felisha was not the person she seemed to be. Her other son, Robert, and to come up to Prescott one day from Scottsdale, to help her move her furniture  around so that she could have access to her medical equipment. Felisha seemed to self absorbed lately, and unwilling to help out as much. It began to become increasing difficult for my mother in law to get a decent three meals a day even though Felisha was a stay at home mom. She was even considering having meals delivered to the house, but was concerned about how to pay for them. On top of that her roomed was starting to look like a dreary prison, and this was often mentioned to my husband when he had conversations with her over the phone. My husband sent her a reef that she had requested one day just to make her happy so that her room wouldn't look so dreary. Two months later, my mother in law started having trouble breathing, and she stated to Felsiha, her new daughter in law to be, that she felt like she was dying. Felsiha ignored her request to go to the doctor until the next day. Mike ended up taking my mother in law to the hospital that fateful morning when her kidney failed, and she fell into a come. Felisha, insisted that she could have driven herself to the hospital, which seemed utterly ridiculous to Mike. A few hours into my mother in law being bed ridden, in a coma the whole family arrived to say their good-bye's. Her illness had finally progressed, and she would soon die . The family was tearful, but some family members still had hope that she would somehow pull through .Felisha told the family that she had been fine the other day, and hoped to lighten the mood with the announcement of her pregnancy.  The family congratulated her, but for the most part were still concerned about my mother in laws health. However, the inevitable came and she was declared dead that afternoon. She was then rushed off to the operation room to remove her organs which she had donated. The family dispersed, and awaited the next get together in which they would be mourning her memorial. Months passed, and no word came. Some family members began to speak with Felisha about what would happen to her belongings, and when the family to get together for the memorial. Felisha said that her and Mike would cremate because this was her dying wish, and the rest would be handled by Mike. She tried to have a hand in what would happen with her mother in laws belongings, but she already made my brother in law, Robert mad about how she was handling the situation. Much is unknown about why he got in an argument with her. One day Mike called his grandparents drunk, and admitted that most of his mother belongings had already been discarded, and the no one was getting her car which she had already paid off. In a fit of anger he told his grandparents that their would be no memorial, and he was going to throw his mother remains into the trash. A couple of months passed, and no memorial was held, and none of my mother in laws belongings had been received by any relatives. We later learned that Mike had transferred the car title into his name, and had no intention letting his siblings have a say in what happened to it. The family was angry with him, and most didn't understand why he was acting so irrationally. Not even three months later, Mike died in his sleep, and we still don't know why. After that Felisha took over, and legally she was entitled to every asset that Mike owned,including my mother in laws car. She made all the decisions as when, where, and how Mike's body would be prepared for burial, and ultimately decided cremation would be most ideal after the family hired a private investigator to investigate the reason for his death. Until this day nothing convicting was found of her involvement of his death. However, many family members suspect that she was somehow involved. Very few of my mother in laws remains have been given to the family, and she still holds the majority of my husbands mother ashes. My husbands grandmother requested the rest of the ashes, and she has since refused. On top of this she has slandered Mike's family publicly for not supporting her, and has portrayed us as being greedy. She believes the way she has acted is acceptable, and only recognizes herself as a victim. Right now she is driving around in my mother in laws car, and has most of her ashes sitting in her house somewhere while she awaits collecting pension, and social security while we can do nothing about it. That right there is America for you, protecting those who want to steal family inheritances, and their right to a respectful burial.
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Omg.... I could t believe the ending to this tale. I'm at a lose for words. I hope the law gets her, the greedy thief.