Trust Is Scarce. Betrayal Is Abundant.

People give out their own deceit  with no remorse, they are out for themselves... all of them. Nothing else matters. Nothing but the satisfaction they seek. Materialistic desires where they leech from whomever they can without causing a scratch to them, emotional urges where they rob people from what they deserve to have. Thieves. Rotten dirty lying thieves.. worthless. All of them. If you read this take it in and understand, trust no man. They cannot be trusted.. I've never been betrayed by a woman on such a fundamental level but I've learned well.
Worthless scum he is, do not let time build trust. Do not let reputation build trust. The camouflage is unimaginably deceiving. Please listen to me. Trust no man. You will get used, then tossed in the garbage.
youiwillkill youiwillkill
18-21, M
1 Response May 12, 2012

LOL~! ya think? Maybe you've been used, but most people get used because they set themselves up for it, so the predators pick up on that and you will draw them to yourself. Not everyone is a predator, but If you go into any interaction projecting a distrustful, victim mentality and not having enough experience to screen the idiots from those who aren't predators, of course you're going to get used. When you get more experience reading people, you won't lump everyone into the sewer category.