My Grandfather's Death

Ok so this is my first story EVER on here so I thought I should share about the person who is my number one biggest enfluence. My grandfather
I'll start by saying I love him very much and when I lost him last January I feel apart. I was physicaly and emotionally devastated. He was the one person who was proud of me and my accomplishments.
He was a retired Sargent Major of the United States Marine Corp and I plan to follow in his footsteps though I'd like to try and become an officer.
When he passed I was at his house with my uncle making sure my grandparents house would be safe sence my grandmother was staying at the hospital. It was 8:45 in the morning I was on the phone with my girlfriend at the time when my uncle came in the room and told me we had to go because pop had died.
When I got to his room I stoped at the door all the family gathered around my grandfather as he laid motionless and cold in his bed. I noticed the window hadn't been opened yet so I opened it after everyone said their goodbyes so his spirit cold leave. Then I left the room fell agenst the wall onto the floor and began sobbing. I called my now ex-girlfriend and told her crying all the while that my grandfather was gone. She came all the way to Chesapeake to be at my side and make sure I was ok and I was very great full for that to say the least.
At his funral he got a full military honors service he was dressed in his full dress blues uniform with the exception of his cover witch stood on a stand beside his casket he had a 21 gun salute bagpipes a bugle player and a folding of the flag that was presented to my grandmother.
I found out that it was at my grandfathers request that he not be barried with his cover but instead his cover was to be presented to me and a singale that I am to carry the tradition. I shall do that too.
That's all for now ill right more about this some other time
diden diden
Nov 29, 2012