My Sisters Keeper. (cliche Title)

On a Sunday in September of 1998
I had been working on my 4th grade book report, for a book I had not read. As I skimmed through the pages trying to make a diorama, my younger sister had come down stairs from her room and told me she was bored and wanted something to do. Feeling anxious (a feeling I would have all to often later in life) to stop pretending with this dead end project we decided to go for a bike ride. Our mother was not home, but our dad was so we told him of our plans and left.
After riding for a while we heard the sound of the ice cream man, we got excited and peddled our little butts back to the house to grab our coins and wait for him to get closer. My sister got her ice cream first and i had dropped some of my change so i bent down and started to pick up my coins from the grass. As she stood there, I looked to my sister and said "Wait one minute, I'll be done soon." Without listening to me, the next thing I heard will ring in my ears forever, my sister had crossed the street and instantly was hit by a conversion van speeding in a residential area. Horror ensued as I ran out next and struggled with my own little nine year old body trying to pull her out of the street as she screamed and cried with each drag I had to do to move her. As soon as I got her to the curb I ran into my house screaming for my dad who, like a cheetah was out the door the moment the words escaped my lips. She had broken her leg in three places needing to wear a bar that screwed into her bones and undergo lots of surgeries and hospital visits for the next year and a half. When she finally could walk again, without the assistance of a walker or cane, it was a great day. And the past year or so seemed like a distant and bad dream.

But she too struggled with inner demons.

She dropped out of school when she was fifteen. She got involved in a five year relationship with a complete and utter jackass. Who opened her eyes to a lot of bad things. She began using heroin and quickly became addicted. The money she had gotten from her lawsuit, from the accident, was spent all too quickly and most of it on drugs. After getting clean and sober from narcotics, and finally leaving her horrible boyfriend for good. Things started to look up, she was almost done getting her ged and though she still didn't have a license, she did a lot more practice driving.

One happy June day my grandmother had taken us shopping for new clothes, everything was fine. We had lunch and came home. About an hour later there was a light knock and a whimper at my door. I opened it to see my sister standing there clenching her wrists with blood seeping through her fingers all she said was "I think I cut a little too deep this time.." Without hesitating I pulled her into my embrace and hugged her while she cried and walked her in the direction to the stairs we immediately got into my car and drove straight the the ER. I called my mom while they admitted her. She immediately was there with us, as we sat around my sister. Having been admitted to the ER for self injury myself, four years prior,I could see the look in my mothers eyes was of pain and feeling like a failure. I assured her over and over that she is a great woman and a very loving mother and that the problems we had, the way we showed them, we're not healthy but it had nothing to do with her love as a mother. It took another long year for my sister to rebuild from her attempt after that. She struggled with alcohol almost as soon as she turned twenty one, about eight months after she finally began to ween from that as well.

It may seem odd that the seven year old I was proud to have saved when I was nine would voluntarily try to end their life again thirteen years later. I am thankful that she came to me, and that by getting her to the ER in time I was able to save her again. She truly is my best friend, we have shared our darkest secrets with one another and we have covered for each other, on many occasions, without her I wouldn't be complete. I continue everyday to make sure she knows she always has me for anything because I'd pull her out of the road or rush her to the ER if I had too.
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Dec 7, 2012