Daddy's Little Angle

I woke to some noise in my bedroom, my wife had gone out of town for business and my step daughter, my wife's first born was standing in the doorway in her thin short T shirt. "Whats wrong abby, you ok?" I asked the 18 year old girl standing half naked in my room, "I am scared, can I sleep here tonight" I was surprised but seeing her already in the room I agreed reluctantly, "ok sure" I moved to a side and closed my eyes as abby slipped under the covers. It was about half an hour after I turned off the light that I felt someone trying to hug me from the back. I didnt take much notice of it, but just after that I felt her hand moving down my tummy and slided inside my trousers, her soft hand went down and grabbed my ****. Oh it felt so good. After a while she started to stroke my **** as it started to get hard and erect. In a few minutes it had grown to its full length of 8 inches and throbbed in her tight little grip.

I decided to make this a little bit more interesting, suddenly I turned around facing abby, her hand still on my ****. Seeing me wide awake staring at her, she stopped suddenly. She was about to take her hand off my **** when I grabbed it and pressed it over my ****, "dont worry honey, its ok" I slided my trouser down and made my enormous **** visible to her, she gasped and cupped my balls in her other hand. She went under the covers and kissed my **** a couple of times and then took it inside her mouth slurping the pre *** as she played with my balls.

This is the roleplaying scenario for a daddy daughter roleplay, I am looking for two girls one as the daughter and the other as my wife. If someone wants to be the second daughter shes welcome too. Add my on yahoo messenger or skype and we can continue there. Just type "EP" in the add message so that I may know where your coming from.

alexcooper83 alexcooper83
26-30, M
Dec 14, 2012