Incident With The Fire Ants

Recently our niece had come over to spend the day with us.  She is 14.  She and my youngest son (10) were outside playing in the front yard, and my older son had gone off with his friends for a few hours.  It was a nice day out, and I had asked my husband to keep an ear out for them while I took a bath.

I was halfway through my bath when I heard yelling and commotion and doors slamming.  I listened for a minute, and I could hear my niece shrieking and yelling "get them off!! get them off!!" and freaking out, and my youngest yelling "MOM!!" over and over.  I had soap in my eyes and hair and couldn't jump out easily, so I started trying to rinse off as quick as I could, waiting to see if my husband was handling things as I could hear him saying something to the kids but wasn't sure what.

He then came into the bathroom and hurriedly told me that our niece had been standing in an ant bed and they were all over her.  He asked me what to do, and I told him to have her get out of those clothes ASAP and for him to go shake the clothes out over the rail out back.

She's kind of a drama queen, but at 14, I figured she could handle it, and I wasn't too worried.  I finished my bath and about 10 minutes later put a robe on and went to check on how things were going.  What I discovered made me laugh, as it was not what I expected at all.

My niece was in the guest bathroom sitting on the toilet, completely naked, and my husband had a pair of tweezers, as was picking ants off her.  She was freaking out  and he was telling her to hold still, and I couldn't help but laugh.  The blind leading the blind.

I told him to move, swatted the last remaining ants off her, and looked her over.  I went and got her clothes off the deck and shook them out and checked them before bringing them back to her.  I asked if she was okay, and she said she was.  I asked why (my husband) was in there, and she said she asked him to get them off her, and she panicked.  

I later asked my husband how it all transpired, and he said he told her to get undressed, and so she ran into the bathroom and ********, and then he heard her calling for him, so he went in there.  He said he figured she'd be in her bra and panties, but she was completely naked.  He said she had quite a few ants crawling on her still and she was on the verge of tears.  He was afraid to slap them off her cause he thought that would make them sting, so he told her to sit down and used tweezers.  I told him that was ridiculous lol.   I asked him if it was weird with him seeing her naked, and he said it was a little weird to him because he's known her since she was a kid and never seen her naked before, but that she didn't seem to care given her panic over the ants.

I did point blank ask him if it turned him on seeing her naked, and he said it did a little, but he tried not to think about it.  I would have understood if it did, considering she's a pretty young woman, and she's well into puberty.  I noticed she had what looked like B-cup breasts and a small triangle of pubic hair.  

So that was our unexpected dose of naked craziness at our house this week lol.  
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If you trust your husband then trust. .for a bath you put him in a situation he was not familiar with but tried to do his best. .we're not all perverts or super heroes be happy that you have a good husband. .If he knew how you felt how would he feel. .

while the situation is quite funny, the arousal your husband experience is quite normal and nothing to be ashamed of, and nudity, should never be punished nor penalized, it's normal.

One time my wife, her sister, and I got into a nest of seed ticks and spent the night naked and looking each other over for ticks.

I would have been one pissed off mother had it been my daughter. You should have been the one to help your neice, not your husband. It grossed me out that he said it turned him on a little bit. Not a normal situation!...just sayin'

In an emergency, the first one who could have responded did! If nudity is normal in the home, then I don't think the parents would have objected.
The fact that the husband did admit to being turned is a validation of his honesty...his explanation makes sense to me. This is just my opinion.

You're entitled to your opinion, as I stick to mine. Although honesty is a wonderful trait, the fact is he did get turned on. It is not ok for a full grown man to be put in that predicament if he is gonna get turned on by it. What grown adult gets turned on by a little girl anyways???

You are so wrong. .yes it's your opinion but it's narrow minded and blinded by your own demons

Dude, whatever! The demons you speak of, come from sick, twisted people. Probably such as yourself!

14 is quite a bit different than 6 or 7.
When you have the body of a woman, I don't think "little girl" is the best description for you. I don't think you can blame a man for a natural reaction his body has, any more than you could be blamed for shivering when it's cold.

It's a person's actions that they should be judged on, and he wasn't molesting her or doing anything malicious, so I don't find his actions to be wrong.

There isn't a drastic difference between the way many 14 year old girls look and the way many 18 year old girls look, and yet nobody would argue that men don't get turned on by the 18 year old girls on **** sites.

I think it's naive to think that just because you'd have no interest in someone on a maturity/intellectual level, that your body wouldn't respond to them visually if they were attractive. I think that's totally normal.

Grossed out should be pissed off with the mother. .it's just pious miss directed drivel

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