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Family Nudity

My two daughters and their husbands rent a house on the beach in central Oregon, they stay for a long weekend or sometimes a week, they have been doing this for several years.  A few years ago my wife and I were invited to spend some time there, family time,   We arived late afternoon after a long drive from California,  When we arived the house was open a note on the door, on the beach, it's probbably 200 yards to the beach, as we wanderd that way and got closer we saw that they were all naked except one of the grandkids, one of the guys got up and met us and said every body is naked and will put their suits on if you prefur, my wife said it's not a probblem.  On the way to Oregon my wife told me along the way that I may be in for a suprise when we get there, I had no idea but my wife knew this went on there.  This is the first time I have seen either of my daughters naked since they were little girls.  Nudity was not a big issue when they were growing up, every body had seen each other naked at times but we were not nudist and as the girls hit their teens it was rare that I would see one nude.  But here was the whole family naked on the beach, we were invited to join in or not your choise. One daughter said sometimes someone will walk by on the beach and may or may not be naked, there is a basket for your clothes so go for it,  so off came what little we had on, there was the whole family naked on the beach including the three grandkids ages 8 to 14, the girls said they had been doing this for several years and as long as the weather was nice nobody wore clothes.  Later that evening we built a fire on the beach.  We were there for three days and other than in the mornings when it was cool nobody wore a stich, every one had a great time.
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Love when families share the lifestyle

That's great. Best way to be.

It sounds so relaxed and fun :)

That's awesome that you got to find out they enjoy the lifestyle too

We're the grandkids boys or girls and what was their reaction (if any) to seeing grandpa and grandma naked?

What a great story! Just matter of fact, no embellishments. That's how life should be. I'm glad you came around and enjoyed it.

we are nudist an raise my daughters to be same
we ha pool an all naked in it enjoy the hot weahter
it was more or less clothing optional but my daughters almost all the time naked in or out of the house

must be nice being naked together but maybe a little embarrassing if you get an *****tion

I read your story about growing up with your sister and I am glad your family has continued this tradition across the generations. If enough people do as you have done, maybe in a few generations America will get over its "body phobia". Not likely, I know, but one can hope!

unfortunate that this is surprising. God gave us these wonderful bodies.

its a great way to live i would love to live in the tropix

That's awesome! Best way to be

It is always wonderful when people decide to shed their clothes, everything changes, you feel close and happy. Being naked together is always great but in particular for families it is really a great pleasure (and it's free...).

Very nice story.

I think it's great that your family can be so comfortable around each other. I'm sure that it made for a very relaxing weekend.

me too, that is how i want my family to be when i get one

That's the kind of family life i want to have once I get married and have kids.