Eddie left

Eddie my son is the one of my boys that i built the best closeness with as he was growing from that of a baby. Ofcourse i tried to share my time around equally with my 3 sons, but Eddie seemed to respond the best to my attension.
The other two bots and his oldest sister used to tend to pick on poor Ed. I noticed that and was always open to stopping the others teaseing. It would make me quite angry at times because it seemed so unfair and relentless.
Eddie is the most effected from the breakup of me and the ex. He really feels the loss of the home and family life we had together. When i went it hit him hard and he's never really gotten over it. He immediately turned to smoking mj non stop.
He has been the first to seek me out and communicate with me because i now live in the lower island of nz and they are all based in the nth island.
I joined in with him in his smoking while he was briefly here for a visit with his street kid friend Ben.
Ofcourse his condition distressed me but there isnt too much i could do to make all things better.
So, when his time was up here,      i said he could have my car.    
Its not a fantastically new exotic or prestigeous thing, but i knew it was somthing a young guy of his age could use and appreciate. Plus it would get him out of that gas sucking van that was tied around his neck.   He was proud of it cuz he hag spent a lot of time doing it up to a condition he could live and sleep in and call home on the snowy alps he frequented for his ski field work.
But he seemed real happy to relieve himself of it after the ski season was over by selling it on.  Plans and destinations are always changeing with young guys, and he was heading back up north to start a new farm development job he had scored over the phone.     So he left as quick as he came. I didnt tell him that i actually bought that car with intent to give it to the first son that sought me out.
But a few secrets are worth keeping arnt they.   
lafsnack lafsnack
51-55, M
May 5, 2012