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Ok I am just going to throw what i'm thinking out there, for start it has been a long year not good. I am the first to say I have a crazy and weird family and yes we hate each other some time but the most important thing we know is you can hate your family but you have to love them. We always defend our own and we keep ours safe. It may sound crazy but like I said we are a crazy family but like I said we have had some worse people come in our family lately who have hurt our family and have tried to destroy our little ones cause i'm guessing it makes them feel like they are so much bigger and better. I know how much pain is in the world and it hurts me greatly I am a person who has a lot of feeling a I hate when people are hurting but I have knowen lots of people who think they can hurt those around them and i'm sorry that ticks me off. I love my family even when they drive me crazy and there isn't almost anything I wouldn't do for them
FancyCharmedAngel FancyCharmedAngel
May 9, 2012