No One Told Me Mom Had Terminal Cancer.

I knew mom had colon cancer, my sister was the one that took mom the doctors visits and the hospital emergency room when mom was having a medical problem. I showed up every time when my sister called. All I was told mom had colon cancer, she had half of her left lung taken out, and her colon where she had to use the bags.  I was told she had some cancer on her liver, and also that the doctor put her on experimental drugs to fight the cancer. Of all the people around me including my auntie Rita Santucci and Joan Herrmann and my brother no one told me mom was terminal. As I was talking to my sister one day about a couple years after mom died. She was telling how she new mom was terminal after her last surgery. That she mentioned to the doctor not to tell mom, that she has terminal cancer. My sister said to me, it was best not to tell me. So all this time my mom sisters actually the whole family and friends were treating me like ****. All I did for a little while was move out. All the time living with mom and making a lot of money. The money, I was making I bought anything mom wanted. I bought a Bison puppy to keep mom happy. I bought all the healthy foods from Whole Foods Market to help fight the cancer. Yes all I did was work. Work with men on construction, in a man's world, where women are disliked, because we took jobs away from the men. I worked a dangerous job sites for 10 years. 10 or 12 hour days 6 days a week. My mom had cancer, I did not want ask any details of her surgery, in our house any personal questions were none of my business. Far as I am concerned my sister and my mom entire family are a bunch of cruel insensitive or selfish individuals. I am not a doctor, and at that time, I did not have a computer to look up my mother cancer. My top subject should of been, I was kept in the dark.  Threw out my life at home my mother never really talk to me about her life with our real dad. At the age of 5. I thought our step dad was are dad. I took over driving,when my doctor gave me the OK,because I just had right hip surgery, which was a nightmare from hell, which I will tell in another story.  I loved my mom, When I left mom at the end of 2008, mom and dad were fine.  mom was taking care of dad, because he also had colon cancer and dementia. During his several stays at the convalescent home he was labeled abusive sexual and verbal. So when he can home, instead of abusing mom he went after me. One day he cornered me in the kitchen and believe me, I did not like that situation. I was only there for a couple of months, I was having real hard time putting up with his insults and degrading mom and embarrassing mom at the convalescent home. At one visit the doctor told me to call him if it starts to get real bad at home. It did, I tried but mom kept on stopping me.  Mom was not in her right mind either, because while being there, mom was not taking all her medication. I found a quart size z lock quart ways full of norco.  My sister noticed that also. My sister told me, the doctor gave her some depression meds. another bag quarter full. I left mom's house because of individuals who did not bother to listen to my story, the true story of what happened in a house from the time, I arrived.  When I went back to mom's house a couple of months later mom was gone, day was there curled up in his chair. Thin to the bone. Mom had a Mexican woman there to clean and take care of dad, when she was gone. though when my sister and I showed up she was doing nothing but watching TV.  My mom was fighting the cancer. They both went down hill and died after, I left. I blame both of my mom's sisters and my niece Angela,and I also blame my sister for her untrue stories also. for the decline and death of my parents. They had no one there to help them fight the cancer. They listened to my mother and her stories, that were not true. No one bothered to take the time to listen to me. As God is my witness, Only God knows how much I loved and protected  my mom. As for the 4 Catholics they were judge and jury. On my mom's death bed, my auntie Rita called my sister and I. OH she gave us 20 minutes to say our good byes. Then they were all in the room talking laughing etc. Never gave my sister and me private time to say good bye. 
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I hope one day Rita Santucci, Joan Herrmann, Angela Hartwig, Edward Hartwig and Richard Boudnek read this story. Plus to inform them all there will be more true stories that will be written of what happened to me growing up in the Boudnek House