I Got Bullied By A Boy At High School !

Today, I despise today for what I've gone through! Grrr! !! Oh! It makes me real mad at him! !! A boy bullied me today in class. I am new in this school so I did not mingle with anyone for the past 2 weeks yet. I know I'm not at fault but I can't understand why his constantly picking, gossiping and most obvious bullying me, I haven't wronged anyone in anyway let alone him, I am a lady, I don't "like" him in anyway infact I HATE HIM to the core! !!!!! Even if he so called likes me, I HATE HIM! !! Who ever want a boyfriend like him? !!? Excuse me but I have no choice but to put things this frankly . I don't mean him any harm I have no bad intentions but I want him to leave me alone. He's such a pain in the butt and is unbearable, just hearing his voice makes me sick. I can't tolerate him anymore. Even though, I've only been in the school for 2 weeks, I already know his spiteful character, he is in my class and gossips about me during lunch and calls me any name he thinks off at the moment.

I have been very kind not to report him yet but I am still distressed and keeping a close eye on him. Whatever it is that he is bullying me for I don't care a darn, but I want everything thing to cease ASAP. If you can please give some suggestions on how to cope with this downright lunatic!
Many thanks to all.
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Oh yah, I would really be needing your help here , and know that your comment is deeply appreciated by me
thank you.