Heartbroken And Losing Hope

im writeing this on behalf of my sister, 7 months ago my sister discovered she had alopecia, the doctors said this was due to exterrm stress, at the time she was in a long turm volatile relationship, because she became ill she had to leave the relationship so she and her 2 children moved in with our parents the relationship with her partner broke down leaving the children torn between 2 parents my sister has always encouraged the children to continue spending time with their father, however as the months have progresed she has had support from friends and family and her helth began to improve this gave her the confidence to look for a future were she could find a new relationship (she hasnt got a new boyfriend but is/was open to a spot of flirting) unfortunatly all of her post was still being sent to the family home just after christmas her X started opening her post within which was her mobile phone bill which showed a lot texts to a spacific number, her X called the number to find out who's it was (it was a male friend of both of theres who was being supportive to my sister,after this discovery he decided that my sister had been sleeping with this person and he went out of his way to share this with everyone who would listen this included the children my sister is now being accused of all sorts of lies and her eldest son who is 13 says she is not his mum and that he hates her becouse he belives these lies he refuses to listen to her plees of honesty and has not come home for 2 weeks as he wants to live with his dad this is breaking my sisters heart as her children are her world and because of the stress this is causing she has started loseing her hair again i hate seeing my sister like this and hearing how her 8yr old son speaks to her is breaking my heart too
the reson im writing this is im hoping for hope and advice, because seeing my sister who is usually my rock breaking down is hurting the whole family no one in our family has been through anything like this we dont know how to help her, we dont knw how to tell her son his dad has lied because he thinks we are all covering for her and we are the liers and that we want to poison him againt his dad, all we as a family want is for my sister to get better and for her and her X to have contact with the children. if any one out there has been through something like this is there any hope
soapdodger soapdodger
36-40, F
Jan 19, 2013