Falling Apart

So I'm 15 , & I feel like my family is falling apart. Parents are divorced.. My sister has no trust in any of us anymore .. Well I have 2 one is Michelle & the other Is Gabrielle. Michelle is like a mom to me , but I feel like if as she has no trust in us anymore cause Gabrielle stole her money & won't admit it.. So yeah they now have a rivalry ... :/ My dad I feel like as he pressures me. Gabrielle isn't what my dad wants.. She's done alot of dumb **** before & since I'm the last one... I'm being pressured. Mom she's just never there for me anymore like she used to be, it sucks .. My brothers well since I'm the oldest from the youngsters.. I have to be a good influence on both of them.. & I nobody can see the screams I have In my mind.. Dad consoles me alot but it just DOSENT mean anything anymore.. Nothing makes sense to me .. I need help
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Jan 20, 2013