VERY Nasty and Negative

I am one of 4 sisters. Being I was considered the black sheep, that stays with you all your life. My mother died back in dec. My younger sisters never treated me nice. I always have been their for them. Like now my dad is 86 and he is mean to me also. My heart breaks because things never change. I had my own business, all my sisters worked for me I have always been their for them. They are downright mean. My father does not choose to me with me. My one siter is always with him. I told her finally off when my mom died. Suggestions? I am a good daughter. He is nasty like her.

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Try as we may, some things are just not meant to be. <br />
my guess is you may be seeking their approval. Sadly, its just not going to happen. <br />
You sound like a good person, I would advise just (and I know this will be hard) just removing them from your life (your sister and father). It sounds like they really are not family (except in a biological sense) anyway. you'll be happier in the long run if you stop seeking something that just won't ever be. <br />
Perhaps its time to let them work at the relationship, if they are interested they will.<br />
You can not change people, especially those who do NOT want to change!

The best way to deal with this is to ignore it , maybe they are only trying to get a reaction from you so dont fall into that trap you have to rise above it ,You do not have ro reproach yourself if you have always been there for your family and you know you have done your best thats all you can do they sound selfish I wish you lots of luck in your life jenny

frances2007,<br />
I understand How you are feeling. My mom took me a way from my dad when I was only 81/2 years old and now that im 36 I have only been with him for 3 years now... I love my husband and he is so so sweet... I have a syndrom called Mobus and there are medical comblications just like with anything... I did not know so now im going to have to go see every dr I can think of to see if everything is ok... Just hang in there Jesus is with you and he loves you