Another Time In Japan

      This was between my first Peace Corps tour in which was in the Philipines and my second which was in Egypt. I went to Japan with my ex-fiancee who died.  (see Dire Needs)   the short version is that she contracted Hep C because of a bad blood transfusion.   I am clean of all such maladies.    Anyway we were in Japan and I did notice certain Japanese guys from certain establishments were staring at her, and beckoning her to go talk to them as we were walking by.   My ex was rather attractive and I told her which guys she should avoid and to not go anywhere with anyone.   I stepped into one of the places and determined that it was a brothel.   One of the places was a place of sex trafficking as well.  I gave the address of the place to US and Canadian embassies, Interpol, and the CIA.   I mailed the address to the Japanese police as I'm sure that they already know about the place.     

Travel is good but be vigilant out there!

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I've been living here for about two years now and brothels ain't illegal in Japan, neither is sex trafficking, so long as the girls are willing.

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I love Japan too. Overall it's a very nice place!

i love Japan!