My Thai Wife Says She Wants Bbc...

the first time suzi said something about ******* black guys. not sure when, wish i had dated these conversations but this was the first time she ever talked about ******* black guys so it was some time ago...

scene: we had just finished ******* and su must have been thinking of black guys...

S - there must be a lot of white girls who like black ****. i see a lot of girls with black men.
M - yeah, i think there are some white women who like black ****.
S - there are asian women who like black ****, too.
M - really? i don't think asian women care much for black ****. the percentages seem to show that asian women prefer white men.
S - i don't know. i see some asian women with black men. there are asian girls who like black ****. i know asian women who like black ****. i think after a girl has black **** she doesn't want anything else. what is it they say - "one you had black you don't go back?" girls like big *****; its just getting over the hurdle of your first black ****. once a girl gets over the hurdle she probably doesn't want anything but black ****.
M - i think thats just a saying. what about you? if you try black ****, you aren't going to want anything else?
S - i don't know. don't black men have really big *****? what are they 10 inches? 12 inches? i might like a big, black ****. maybe they will be too big for me tho. i will just have to stick with white *****. what is your **** - 7 , 8 inches?
M - i don't know. probably 7 1/2 to 8 inches. i am not sure - i have never measured it. its not big enough for you? you want to try some big 12 inch black *****? maybe a black ********?
S - i might like a ********, but i don't think you would like it. i don't think you would want to watch me **** other men. i don't think you would want to watch me getting ****** by black guy. you would be jealous. you couln't watch me get all hot with black guys ******* me with their huge *****.
M - it might be exciting to watch you get ****** by some black men with big *****.
S - you would be jealous. what if i liked it? what if i liked black ***** better? what would you do then?
S - i think as women get older they want bigger *****. thats why so many white wives like black men. maybe when you are gone i will try black ****. i might like it when i am older. i might like it, then i won't want anything but black ****. nothing else will satisfy me. thats what happened with all those white women you see with black men. now they don't want anything but black ****.
M - do you think you can handle a 12" black ****? you don't care much for the 12" ******.
S - i like the real thing. i like a real ****. i think i can handle a 12" ****. i have had big ***** before. i like big *****.
M - i am all for it. i want to watch you with some black guys.

the second time suzi said anything about black ***** it was in discussing gang bangs...

scene: we were ******* and su must have been fantasizing about gangbanging some guys...

S - would you like to watch me **** some guy while i sucked another guy, or would you want me to suck you while some other guy was ******* me?
M - i don't know. maybe both. we could switch off, taking turns with you. yeah, switching off would be best.
S - how many guys would you want me to ****?
M - i don't know. maybe several guys. do you think you could handle a several guys? my favorite fantasy has always been with you gang banging lots of black guys with big *****.
S - how many black guys?
M - in my fantasy, a dozen or so. do you think you could handle a dozen guys?
S - i think that might be a little too much for me at one time.
M - how about a couple of hours? do you think you could handle 4 or 5 guys in 2 or 3 hours?
S - that would be better. i think i could handle ******* for 2 or 3 hours. sometimes we **** that long, even longer and i like it.
M - who do you want to ********? good looking guys? young guys? guys with hard bodies? guys with big *****? black guys? a mix?
S - black guys. i would like black **** better. i think girls like black ****. i might prefer black ****. i think i would want to ******** black guys with big *****. I would want to try it anyway. i haven't ever had black ****.

the third time suzi mentioned ******* black guys i already posted recently - it was the dream she had about ******* guys in the caribbean. thats when i came up with the idea of taking her to Negril, Jamaica and she made the promise to **** black guys if i took her...

the fourth time suzi discussed ******* black guys was soon after her aunt visited from Switzerland and brought her black boyfriend with her...

scene: we were ******* and su must have been thinking of some black ****...

S - honey, you feel so good in me. i love your big, hard **** in me.
M - baby, you love any big, hard **** in you.
S - (giggling) yes, i do like big, hard *****.
M - (seizing the opportunity to discuss black **** for her) maybe you should try black *****. they are supposed to be even bigger. i think you might like black ****.
S - maybe. i know some asian girls like black ****.
M - i think asian girls like any and all ****, but i think they like white **** best.
S - i know lots of asian girls who like black ****.
M - you do. who?
S - my aunt in switzerland likes black ****. you met her and her black boyfriend.
M - yes, she is hot. who else?
S - my cousins in california likes black *****. my uncle doesn't know what to do with them, they keep having black boys over to **** them in his house.
M - lots of your relatives seem to like black ****. who else besides your family?
S - Toi. She likes black guys. and pongee. i know of others. there are lots of asian girls who like black ****.
S - what about all those x rated movies. there are lots of asian girls ******* black guys in those movies and they like it. more and more asian girls like black men.
S - and what about that book you were reading - asian mystique? you showed me that whole chapter about all those japanese girls in okinawa ******* black guys. (note - i am always showing suzi stuff that i come across about black guys ******* asian girls in hopes she will become more comfortable with the idea).
S -and what about that article you showed me about the increasing marraige rates between black men and asian women. haven't they doubled in just a few years?
M - I remember. i think i saw that article said that laotian girls and filipina girls like black ***** more than other asians, at least they marry them at a higher percentage. i think 3% to 4% of laotians and filipinas marry black men and 2% for japanese women. Korean and Chinese were a little lower than Japanese.
S - that just shows that southeast asians aren't racists. i am not racist. i find some black men attractive. i would **** a good looking black man. he would have to be good looking but i would **** one if he were.

those are our first discussions about suzi ******* black guys. since then there have been many more but still no follow through. I must be doing something wrong because she seems like she wants it but something is holding her back. she wants it when she is hot and horny but when she isn't she just won't even talk about it, not seriously anyway.

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Very funny but some thai men have black skin, although in thialand there is a color war where the lighter ones don't care about the darker ones. I was with a thai man who was darker than a real black man, lol, maybe your wife knew what she's talking about... take it from her.

OK by me blackbull

why don't you have your wife suck my black ****?

Am ready just tell me when and where!