Cinfulwife Sucks On The Subway

I get on the subway and it's so crowded nobody can move. I squeeze my way to the middle of the standing room only crowd and find myself pressed up against this gorgeous woman. I sneak a long look at her profile and realize I've seen her before, and then I remember! It's Cinfulwives' Wife! Amazing. I whisper to her, "Hi, I think I know you." She looks over at me and an eyebrow goes up. I say, "Experience project?" And she blushes. She glances around, a little nervous and then she says, "Who are you?" I tell her I'm a fan, and she smiles at that. The subway car stops, people shift a little, and someone else gets on and Cinfulwife gets pushed tighter against me. I tell her, "Sorry." She just smiles, and then I feel a hand on the inside of my thigh. I look down and it's hers! She trails her fingertips up and down my thigh a few times and then I hear her whisper. "Want me to make you ***?" I nod my head and feel my **** expand in my jeans. She feels for my zipper, finds it and pulls it down. She reaches in, finds my hard **** and brings it out of my pants. I can't believe it. I look around, hoping no one is going to start screaming for the police, but nobody is paying any attention. She starts jacking me off and it feels really good! She knows how to stroke a ****! Then I realize she has turned to face me and is sliding down in front of me. I think, oh my God, no way! But she's on her knees and has my **** in her mouth, sucking me off like she's desperate for ***! I notice a guy next to me is looking down at her and he looks up at me with a smile. "Nice," he says. I see that she has unbuttoned her blouse and lifted one exquisite breast into view and is playing with her nipple while she sucks me off. And then I can't hold it back anymore, and I start spurting *** into her mouth. She looks up at me, watching my face while she takes my load. She pulls away and spits my *** onto the floor of the subway. But when she starts to stand up, the guy beside me squeezes closer to her and I see his **** is exposed. Big! He puts his hand on top of her head and slides his **** around on her face. She lets him do it and then he pushes it into her mouth and she lets him **** her face. I look down at her beautiful face with that big **** sliding in and out of her mouth and I can't believe this is happening. Now several people are looking down at her and I see another guy squeezing in close, his **** in his hand. The guy she's sucking grabs her head with both hands and I can tell he's ******* in her mouth. She moans and starts to gag on his *** ...too much. He lets her pull her mouth off and he finishes ******* on her face. She opens her mouth and his thick ***** oozes from between her lips and down her chin before this other guy steps in and pushes his **** into her mouth. She lets him use her like a ****, and he **** almost right away. His *** oozes out from the corners of her mouth while he ***** her face and then when he finishes he pulls away from her with a gasp. She turns and finds another **** presented to her, some guy whose face I can't see is jacking off and **** all over her mouth and chin. She lets him do it and then he wipes his **** back and forth on her spermy lips, and she grabs hold of my belt, pulling herself up onto her feet before anyone else can use her. She's standing inches from me, and her face is dripping ***. She says, "Well, that was certainly different." And she's pulling kleenex out of her purse, wiping the hot *** off her face. The subway car stops, and she pushes her way to the exit, pausing just for a moment to look back at me. "Write about this," she says. So I have.
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I love it

great story, thank you very much for sharing it