A Recurring Dream I've Had

I have been having a recurring dream .
In real life, my wife has an openly bisexual friend who I'll call Carl here. Carl has had an off and on guy crush of sorts on me. He has expressed this to her, and she has shared it with me. She thinks it's "cute." She doesn't want anything to happen between us. I've told her of my bisexual past and that I crossdress at times.

In my dream, I quit my job to go to school full time, and my wife gets laid off from her job. Naturally, we have fallen on hard times and desperately need money. It so happens that this friend of hers, Carl, has had a spell of luck just the opposite. He has fallen into money, lots of it.
He treats her to lunch one day, and she breaks down to him about the bind we're in. He offers to help. She reminds him of our lack of income. He tells her not to worry about paying him back, that he has another idea.
I get home from my classes that day and she asks me to sit and talk with her. She reminds me that we're broke and almost out of food. She then tells me of her lunch date with Carl. He wants me to go out with him.
While she has had reservations in the past, and still does, she's willing to have me "take one for the team."
I try my best to act reluctant, and take my time to agree. She then adds that she confessed to him that I dress in womens' clothes from time to time around the house, and that she isn't comfortable with me going out dressed. He talked her into having me dress for our date.
She proceeds to tell me that he wants to go that night, and we have preparing to do.
She bathed me, and shaved me from the head down. She even included an enema with some flowery scent.
I had never worn make-up before, so she sat me down and did me up. I thought I looked kind of silly, as it was impossible to hide some of my masculine features.
Next she led me into our bedroom where she had already laid out an outfit for me. It consisted of a set of thigh high stay up stockings, a black lace thong, a matching bra, and a little black dress. I eagerly got dressed. Then she pulled a pair of stilletto heals out of I don't know where, along with an auburn wig I had never seen as well. She put them on me and had me walk about the room for her. She exclaimed that I walked better than she does in heels. She then clipped a pair of earrings on me, and handed me a clutch purse. She smoothed everything down and sprayed some of her perfume on me. I walked in front of one of our mirrors and was shocked. I was a little more passable than I had thought before. But, I could still tell I was a man.

I was surprised even more to find that Carl was already waiting for me in our living room. He stood up when I walked into the room. He stuttered and exclaimed that I looked amazing. I thanked him and started to walk toward the door. My wife smacked me, playfully, on the *** on our way out the door and told me to play nice. This really surprised me, knowing her previous reservations. I was nervous, more over the possibility of our neighbors seeing me dressed than anyone else now. Carl led me to his car and let me in.

My stomach was doing somersaults. I thought I was going to pass out as he drove. I had no idea where we were going, which only added to my anxieties. He parked on a quiet residential street in front of a house. I could see a small restaurant down the sidewalk. He opened the cardoor for me and led the way. The clicking of my heels resonated in my ears and seemed to heighten my other senses. The cooling night air swept through my dress, the feeling of the stockings on my legs as they moved felt amazing. Somehow, I began to relax more as we walked.
As we arrived at the restaurant, my anxieties came back as the hostess greeted us. The two of them seemed to already know each other, based on how they talked between each other. She led us to a quiet booth table with a horseshoe shaped bench. I sat first, then Carl slid in next to me. A moment later, our server arrived and he ordered drinks for us. Mine had a lot of alcohol, I could tell. Carl continued to shower me with compliments. He also expressed his happiness that I had agreed to go out with him. I quickly finished my drink and he ordered me another just as quickly. As I drank it, he put his arm around me and sat even closer to me. He was pressed against me.
Our food arrived and he still kept himself pressed against me as we ate. Those drinks kept coming. It seemed like my glass was never empty. He finished his meal before I did. As I worked to finish mine, he moved in and whispered in my ear that I was hot. He surprised me more as he kissed my neck. Apparently my wife shared more of my secrets than she had let on. He seemed to know exactly where to kiss my neck that turned me on; where my wife always kisses me. With help of the alcohol, I felt myself melting in his arms. I leaned into him to brace myself as he worked to seduce me. His hand was working up my thigh. Soon, our mouths met and he stroked me over my thong. My hand had found his **** and stroked it over the top of his pants.
Before I knew it, our server brought our check, gave me a knowing glance and wished us a good night with an obvious wink. Carl paid her, and told me that he wanted to go somewhere else for dessert.
We walked toward his car, with his arm around me. It, somehow, felt so natural by now. When we got near, however, he instead led me to the house he had parked in front of. I was confused, until he put his key in the lock, opened the door, and invited me inside. After he closed the door, and we had our shoes off, he started to give me a bit of a tour. We weren't past the living room when he grabbed me by the hips from behind and started to kiss my neck again. I melted against him and could feel his hardening **** press against my *** through our clothes. My hands snaked between us and undid his belt then found their way into his pants. His **** felt hot. It was a little longer and thicker than my own. I let go with one hand and turned to face him. He kept kissing my neck and ears. I was so turned on by now.
I slid to my knees and lowered his pants to the floor. I was staring at his **** now. It was gorgeous. I wrapped a hand around it and felt it throb with his pulse. I froze. I told him that I couldn't, that I love my wife. My hand and gaze still hadn't left his ****. I hadn't noticed, but he handed me a phone. On the other end, I heard my wife. She said she had heard that I had my other hand full of ****, which wasn't my own. I softly answered, "uh-huh..." She then asked if I had tasted it yet. I told her I hadn't. She asked if I was going to. I told her I love her and wouldn't. She surprised me and told me that she was touching herself and was turned on knowing what I was doing. She the told me to lick it. So I did. She asked me if I liked how it tasted. I answered "uh-huh," again. She asked me if I put it in my mouth yet. I answered no. She told me to. I could hear her breathing heavier into the phone by now. I put his **** into my mouth and swirled my tongue around it. On the phone, I could hear my wife begin to moan. She told me to keep him happy and do what he wants tonight. Then tell her all about it when I get home. She then told me to give him the phone. I kept working on his **** with my mouth. My hands worked his shaft and balls as I did. He said a few "uh-huhs" and "oks" between quickening breaths. He ended the call and took off his jacket and shirt. He then put his hands on my head as I worshipped his **** now. Before long, his grip tightened and he said he was about to come. He tried to step back, but I grabbed his ***, keeping his **** in my mouth as he blew his load. I swallowed almost all of it as quick as I could. The little bit that tried to escape, I wiped up and put in my mouth.
He helped me to my feet and kissed me. My knees buckled slightly. He caught me and pulled me in for a deeper kiss.
He then led me to his bedroom. Once inside, he took my dress and bra off of me. I was left in my thong and stockings. We embraced and kissed some more. He led me to the edge of his bed and sat me down. I sat staring at his ****. He said, "in time." Then he knelt in front of me between my legs. He kissed my thong, which was soaked in pre-***. Then he put one of my legs on his shoulder, then the other. He continued to lick me over my thong. He pushed on the back of my thighs until I had flipped onto my back on his bed. He pulled my hips so my *** was hanging over the edge and he continued licking me. He pushed my legs higher and told me to hold them. As I did, he moved the thong aside at my ***. He then buried his nose in and gave me the first ****** I had ever had. I had never imagined it could feel so good. He grasped my **** with one hand as he did. He didn't stroke it at all. He just held it. Before I knew it, I started to ***. He quit licking my *** and licked up my ***. I was breathing raggedly and enjoying every moment.
He stood up and I let my legs rest on his chest. I could feel his **** against my *******. I squirmed a little, and he smiled. "Naughty little minx," he said. He reached down and moved the thong aside again and pressed against my hole. I nodded in approval. He told me to hold my legs again, I did. He walked over to his nightstand and grabbed a small tube. It was lube. He worked some into my ***. I was enjoying the fingering he was giving me. First, one, then two, then three fingers. He asked me if I was ready. I told him I was. He pressed forward, forcing some of his **** into me. It didn't hurt as much as the first time I had been ******, years before. Before I knew it, he had himself pressed firmly against my thighs. He was all the way in me. He moved slowly at first. Then worked into a little faster firmer rythm. I was loving it and encouraging him. Before I knew it he stiffened up and convulsed slightly as he pumped his load into me. He stood there, inside me, until his **** softened and slipped out of me.
He helped me further onto the bed and collapsed behind me, spooning. We both fell asleep for a while. I woke up with his hardening **** pressing against me. I rolled myself over, and him onto his back and licked his **** to full hardness. I then straddled him and sank my *** over his ****. He woke up and got into it as I worked him.
We ****** like this, and a few other ways through the night.
In the late morning, he made breakfast for us. Then he drove me home. At my door, he thanked me for a good time. I thanked him the same. He grabbed me and kissed me one last time. When I got inside, I found my wife wasn't home. I collapsed onto our bed and fell asleep. I was awakened by my wife running her finger along my *******. She was playing with the *** that had leaked out. When she realized I was awake, she asked me for details of my date. I told her.
She got up and walked into the living room, telling me to stay put. She returned with a garment bag and another shopping bag. "You must have left a great impression last night! This was delivered today, while you were sleeping," she said. She reached in and pulled out an amazing new dress from the garment bag. The other bag was from Victoria's Secret, and contained new lingerie.
She read a card which invited us to dinner. I asked "the both of us?!" She told me that she was so turned on during our phone call, that she wanted to watch next time. "The next time?!" I exclaimed.
She said, "Yes, the next time! We still have bills to pay, and that little *** of yours needs to earn us some more money. Now, get in that shower and freshen up. Carl will be here in an hour and a half to pick us up!"
"Yes, dear."
I love my wife.
JosetteLaRoc JosetteLaRoc
Jan 7, 2013