Why I Think That This Fantasy Is Good


I used to think that there was something wrong with me because I often fantasize about my wife having sex with other men, but now it seems that many men have similar fantasies. Some couples decide to act out the fantasy, but I doubt if that would suit us. Apart from the potential risks and complications, it would be out of the question unless she were completely happy about it. So if it doesn't make her happy, there's no point in it. Anyway, fantasies are totally risk-free – the ultimate safe sex, as they say.


When I read stories written by wife-watchers and others who translate the fantasy into reality, I find a lot in common with them: I love my wife, she is beautiful and sexy, and it means a lot to me to imagine her experiencing great pleasure - and being treated with respect.  I dislike the word “****”, which some men use: there is nothing sluttish about what she does in my fantasies, and they make me admire her all the more.


I once read in a good sex manual that having penetrative fantasies about your partner can strengthen the bond and increase the attraction. It certainly works for me. Do others find the same thing?


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I once watched my wife sat between two guys at a party giving deep kisses to each in turn. Each of them touched her breasts. That's all that happened. I wish she'd gone off with them. I like to fantasise that she met them later and had them both at the same time. I told her about my fantasy and she said that it's a shame it didn't happen. Wow. But that's as far as it went. Shame

This is a very common fantasy. But the reality is that not that many men actually go for it. Thinking about it and talking about it is erotic and leads to great sex with your wife. But sometimes the fantasy is better then the reality.

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Planter....According to a Penthouse Survey more than 50% of Husbands have this fantasy so you are n oo company. Apparntly even Jealous types have this fantasy,which seems a contradiction ??

My wife and I shre with an ex of hers who adores her but knows she's too much for him to handle. <br />
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I too dislike the term slXt. My wife is anything but.<br />
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She is howvere gorgeous and sexy and loves to experiment although I nearly always have to take the initiative( he also waits for me to make the moves). Dont think I should complain.

Yes. I empathise. I have this fantasy all the time. My wife and I dont have sex ,so this fantasy keeps me thinking of her. I always fantasise about her having a much younger lover.<br />
I used to feel really guilty about this fantasy until I discovered , as you did,that it is very common in husbands.<br />
I chat on line to some guys whose wives have tried,and they say it is the most erotic experience they have had. Unfortunately my wife is too straight laced to consider it.<br />
Have fun .