All In the Mind


"What's the matter, darling? Can't you sleep?" asked Delia. She always took longer than her husband Thomas to go to sleep, so it wasn't difficult to sense that he had not gone out like a light, as he usually did.


"Not yet. I keep thinking about you," he said, " and it makes me feel so sexy."


"Well I'm sorry, darling, " she apologized, "You know I've got this problem for the moment, and we can't make love for a while."


"Yes," he replied, "and I know it's not your fault. And it's not your fault either that I need sex more often than you."


"Still, you know I love you, all the same, even if I can't match your sex drive. I dress and wear my hair the way you like it, and keep the house as nice for you as possible. Isn't that another way of showing love?"


"Yes it is, and it means a lot to me. There is one other thing about you that means a lot to me."


"What's that?" she asked, although she already knew the answer to the question.


"That hint of naughtiness that you sometimes show. There's sometimes a sparkle in your eye that makes me feel you are a lovely lady, very proper, but that you might let your hair down occasionally, in the right circumstances. I love that. I love to imagine little stories where you do naughty things with another man. Best of all is when I imagine you are telling me the stories, and maybe teasing me a little. That really turns me on."


He snuggled close to her. "You know that holiday course you once went on? I often like to think that you did something sexy. There must have been some good-looking men in the class. What about that young fellow Peter?"


She thought back to the holiday course. Young Peter had indeed been interested in her, but she had kept things on a reasonably proper basis. "He was just a friend, and nothing more: sorry to disappoint you," she said. Still, maybe she could invent a little, to please her husband... She reflected and added: "...But there was another guy called Roy. A bit more mature, quite nice-looking, well-mannered and very pleasant to me." This much is true, she thought, but let's build up a story to tease him.  She went on: "I could see that he admired me and I rather liked him, too. But  you know me: I kept on the straight and narrow…"


"Oh," said her husband, disappointed. Then she added, mischievously: "...until the last evening of the course, that is."


Her hand was already resting on his sensitive parts, and she could feel him stiffen with pleasure at these last words. He begged: "Please go on: you know I'm dying to know more. Tell me what happened on the last evening. What were you wearing?"


"Everybody dressed up for the final concert. I wanted to look my best, so after a bath, I dressed in my silk underwear: you know, the champagne-coloured set which you bought me. I put on the silk bra and those pretty silk knickers, and the matching suspender belt. Then I sat in my underwear, putting my hair up the way you really like it."


She deliberately dwelled on these details, because she knew how they turned him on. She liked to tease him, and he liked being teased by her. Her hand could feel how each detail made his male member stiffen.


He interrupted, "I can just imagine it. You must have looked gorgeous. What about stockings?"


"I wore my lace-top stockings, of course. After all, I knew that several men were interested in me, and you never know when you might get run over by a bus, so to speak. And finally I put on the silk petticoat and slipped into that lovely pale blue summer dress. For the final touch, I used that French perfume you gave me for my birthday."


He sighed with happiness, then said: "You must have looked absolutely lovely. So what happened on that evening?"


This is just a game, she thought, so let's carry on the game, and imagine... "Well..." she said calmly, pausing briefly to build up the suspense, "I'm not sure if I should tell you this. It was dark by the end of the concert, but still warm enough to walk round the gardens, so Roy invited me for a stroll. The night-scented stocks smelled heavenly..."


She deliberately paused for several seconds, then, just to tease him, added: "Do you really want me to go on?"


"Oh please! Don't just stop there! You must have done more than just walk in the garden."


"It was the garden that started things," she went on. "We stopped by a big marble statue of Diana the goddess of hunting. It was a very erotic statue: she was striding forward, carrying a bow and wearing nothing but a belt with a quiver full of arrows. We stood there looking up at this naked statue in the moonlight, and we could both sense that it was turning us on. I felt Roy move closer and put his arm around me, then he said: "Delia, can I talk openly with you?" I was afraid someone would see us, so I suggested that we went into the summerhouse just behind to talk. We sat there for ages in the dark and really poured our hearts out. He was so gentle and refined, I felt completely safe and at ease with him. He said he'd been fancying me for the whole fortnight, but hadn't dared to say anything."


"Is that all he did, just talk with his arm round you?" asked her husband.


"Don't be nosy! ...Still, if you really must know... We held hands while we talked, then he started kissing me, and I couldn’t help responding to his kisses, because he really was rather sweet, and I liked him. I suppose that must have encouraged him, because he started stroking my knee. I can remember feeling his hand under my dress, touching the lace hem of my petticoat. I said nothing, because I was busy kissing him, and getting rather carried away, I suppose. Then the next thing I knew, he was unbuttoning my dress as well. I suppose I should have stopped him..."


"No, not if it felt right to you. You know I have fantasies about you being undressed by another man. So did you stop him?"


"Perhaps I should have... Oh well, too late now..." She paused again, then went on: "To be quite honest, he smelled so divine, and I felt so wonderful that I just closed my eyes and kept kissing him while he unbuttoned my dress. When I opened them again, he was easing the dress off me, and there I was sitting in my undies, with him cuddling me and stroking me all over."


Her husband quivered, then gave a sigh of pleasure, then said: "You must have looked beautiful in that silk underwear. Did it feel good for you?"


Roy is just a figment of my imagination, she thought, and I can make him into a dream lover, with all the things that I like in a man. She went on: "Yes, it was heavenly to be undressed by such an attentive lover. He did so many nice things to me with his hands: he relaxed my shoulders, massaged my temples, flexed my toes, stroked me all over my body. Do you want me to go on?"


"Of course I do! Please don't keep me in suspense!". 


"Well, when I was really relaxed and ready for more, he advanced his hands gently under my petticoat and up my suspenders and he got more intimate... such sensitive and delicate fingers! I’ll never forget the thrill I felt when his hand reached my knickers and slipped inside, and his fingers found the right spot. Such sensitive fingers! They were doing all the right things to me. He certainly knew how to turn me on. He had just the right touch."


"What about you?" enquired Thomas, " I hope you gave him pleasure as well as receiving it."


"Thomas!" she exclaimed, pretending to be shocked, " you ask the most indiscrete questions!" But she was only teasing him. She went on: "If you really want to know, while his fingers were doing those lovely things to me between my legs, I opened his trousers and felt how hard he was. So I stroked him there. He loved that. I went on stroking him, and he went on stroking me. Then after a bit he gently guided my head forward and down, without a word. I knew he wanted me to use my lips. Do you think I should have?"


"Of course you should!" exclaimed Thomas, "You do it so beautifully. The thought of you in your silk underwear fellating another man is driving me mad with desire. Well, did you do it?"


She thought: This is only a game, so let's play him along. So she feigned annoyance, and exclaimed: "I'm not saying! Do I have to reveal every detail?" Then after a pause, she added casually: "As a matter of fact, I kissed his ****, then slid my lips further and further down, until it was deep into my mouth. That was really exciting. And he undid my bra and stroked my **** while I was doing it to him. When I had finished, I stood up in front of him and he slid my petticoat down my legs."


"And who pulled your knickers down?"


Knowing from experience how important this detail was to her husband, she said: "He did. He kissed my ****, then worked his way down my body, kissing my skin and sliding my knickers down at the same time. Then I opened my legs a little so he could kiss me there, and he did delicious things with his tongue."


She felt Thomas quiver in her hands again, and a low moan told her that he had just experienced a second peak of pleasure. She went on stroking him gently and steadily, and continued the story:


"Roy said I reminded him of that statue of Diana the Huntress. So I went and stood in a pool of moonlight in the middle of the room to ***** in front of him. He watched as I slowly undid each stocking and peeled it off, and then I stood still wearing just my suspender belt, in the same pose as the statue. I couldn't really see him undressing, because that side of the room was dark, but I could hear him laughing. Suddenly, he stepped out of the darkness, naked, and held me from behind. I felt carried away by it all: the scent of those heavenly flowers all around us, and a naked man pressing against me and undoing my suspender belt... it was all so delicious."


Her fingers hardly needed to move now. In his excitement, Thomas was thrusting rhythmically, and she simply tightened her grip and continued:


"I was now naked, standing perfectly still with one leg forward, like the statue. I could feel him holding me from behind, with his **** pressing up between my thighs, gently nuzzling my *****. And yes, he was wearing a condom, in case you're worried about that. I must have been really juicy by now, because he slid to and fro in my slit so easily and sweetly. He was almost penetrating me."


"And did he? What happened next?" panted her husband, thrusting more and more urgently between her fingers.


"I think I ought to draw a veil over the rest..." She said and paused for several seconds to tease him, then went on: "...Still, if you really want to know, he guided me to the floor in that pool of moonlight." Her eyes shone with mischief as she continued: "Then I raised my legs, and he finally entered me. In no time at all, he was deep inside me. It felt heavenly. He was a perfect lover, and made me want to give myself to him completely. We went on and on for ages in the moonlight. It felt so naughty, but so nice."


The mischievous glint in her eyes was too much for Thomas, and he could hold back no more. He uttered a gasp of pleasure as the trigger was released within him. She felt the rush building up in his body, and held his throbbing member tightly in one hand, guiding it towards her nipples so that his *********** covered them. Of course, it was different from their usual sex. But she felt the same sense of triumph, and of fulfilment as a woman.


"To finish the story," she continued as he finally lay there, contented, "he slept in my bed that night, then left in the morning without anyone seeing us, and I haven't seen him since then. Well, did you enjoy the story? "


"It was lovely, you gorgeous woman! You're a wonderful wife! I love you!" he said with a sigh of happiness, then he kissed her goodnight, and lay back.


As he dozed off, she reflected: The things I do for him! Still, that was easy. And I suppose it's all part of love... A minute went by, then she added in a low voice: "I've got a confession to make: it wasn't true. I made the whole thing up. Do you mind?" But he was already sound asleep. "Oh well," she thought,  "if he's happy..."


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Feb 10, 2009