Although I am really quite a boring person I do have some persistent and exciting fantasies. Even just knowing I am about to put this out there I can feel my ***** tingling and getting wet. How sad is that??

One of my fantasies is of living in a big sexy shared house with one dominant and highly sexual man. Because this is MY fantasy not only is he athletic and muscular but he is also caring and funny. My preference is for him to jave a **** of around 7 inches, nice and thick but importantly the kind that throbs and goes rock hard. This is such a standard fantasy, right?

Well the next bit is that all the girls, including me, are slim and have to be naked at all times. Oh ... and wear a fake fur ('cos I'm vegetarian) anal tai during the day. He could line us all up in the morning and **** us a bit before inserting the tails.

Then as we naturally go through the day getting things done we can casually fondle one another and suck, lick and kiss each other's clits and *******.

My fantasy man will get hard watching and come and **** my ***** from behind, with my tail caressing his manly thighs. One of the girls can let me play with her at the same time and everyone can be wet and happy.

Importantly in my fantasy we are all equal, we respect each other and everything is voluntary. That's what gets me so wet ... we all want it ... we enjoy it.

What do you think about my fantasy? Is it too vanilla or is it too perverted for you?
yummiyummi yummiyummi
3 Responses Aug 22, 2014

Wow, That is very hot!

Sounds good to me. But would like maybe three female in house. Would chose one each day and other two can amuse themselves. All nude but for collars.

Very naughty erotic!!