Such A Sexy Night

When my husband shared me with his boss.... and watched the two of us make love together.

My husband is my Love and my Master and I am his obedient wife.... but I am still a hot-blooded woman who loves a good romp between the sheets... I'm a woman who cannot imagine any better feeling than having my legs wrapped around a man while his **** is buried deep in me and the two of us are grinding against each other... my **** getting a workout along with my g-spot....

Well, his boss is one hot-looking dude who I know has a reputation of being a player of note around the women in town.... and whenever the two of us have met you could just see the sizzle between us. But as I said, I am my husbands wife and nothing would ever have happened if he hadn't given us the say so.

As it is, my husband's boss is an old friend of his... when the job opened up they talked frankly about what it would be like to be in this new relationship but both decided they could handle it. And they have -- in fact, my husband is now a partner with his old friend, his old boss... and I am sharing them too.

My husband and his boss came home that day... we sat in the backyard having drinks, them swallowing beer, me wine... and well, the conversation covered some ground, including sex. After we had all had a few my husband (Gary) had said to his boss, (Phil), that he could tell that Phil found me attractive....

"Damn straight I do... I would love to **** her! But of course that's out of the question, I mean, you two being married and all...."

Well, Gary looked at me, cocked an eyebrow at me as if asking me... I just smiled back at him."

"Who says it's out of the question?"

"Well, I mean... well... WHAT?"

"If you two want to... I say go ahead... I just want to watch."

Well, Phil looked at Gary.. .then at me... then at Gary... then at me.... At which point I stood up and started to unbotton my blouse....
"You two are SERIOUS?"

My blouse fell open and I know he could see my nips standing at attention in my bra. I held out my hand.....

"C'mon... I've been waiting for this."
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Never saw the movie.... <br />
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I would think that after the second or third I would be too sore to enjoy it any more!

I'm breathless just thinking about it!