The Fantasy Has Come Tru (well Nearly)

I now live as the woman I was meant to be and I seem to be accepted as such but I long to be further into my life and more the woman I am and know that even undressed I am all woman. I have the Major fantasy of being magically turned into a woman which in a rather long since of time I believe it will become a reality. I am working very hard to reach this goal but i want to tell of my Fantasy.

     I woke up to the blinding light of the first rays of the sun on a mountain top in the nude. I was not even cold as I thought I would be. I always felt as I was female and as I stood I covered myself both my top and my bottom. Of course reaching down and feeling the thing that didn't belong I became disgusted and grasped the thing with a forceful grip. I stood squinting my eyes to see past the glare I lifted my arm covering my top which i really had nothing to hid I shielded my eyes. I could then see that I was standing on the top of this beautiful Mountain vista snow surrounded me and the sun had not yet struck the mountain I was standing on. I stood there admiring the beauty of the forest covered in a blanket of snow and though I was nude I felt not chill I was comfortable even though I was uncomfortable with my nakedness.

I was able to glance just as the sun broke the horizon and began to touch me. ( I bet you can see where this is going) As the sun first peeked over the horizon it touched my hair and I felt the warmth of the beam touching my hair. I felt a shift in the weight of my hair as I had long hair already I could feel something. My hair slowly began to change as the sun engulfed the hair more fully it became more like the color I always wanted. It was a reddish auburn and it was filling in rather nicely and the length was becoming like I wanted as well.

     As the sun touched the first point of skin on my face the warmth was incredible it felt like the warm touch of my love who she was not yet revealed. As the sun crept down my face I could feel the warmth begin to engulf my face and the sun had reached my eyes. I was still wearing my glasses and the sun was so bright I shelled my eyes but the sun made it's way to my eyes. I stood there and the scenery became rather blurry and my eyes were hurting I took my glasses off to revel that my eyesight was sharp and clear. I never thought I would have perfect eyesight but it happened and along with the clear vision. I was given yet another gift my eyes which were brown changed color the morphed into an emerald green with gold flecks. As the sun moved down my face it changed my face a millimeter at a time. My nose was next it snapped and cracked the pain was incredible at the bridge and my forehead changed becoming more feminine. My nose tweaked and bent then it shaped into a small pudgy nose with the end turned slightly upward and a small ball on the end. I began to feel my skull shifting and the bones of my jaw and my teeth began to shift the pain was excruciating and I collapsed to my knees screaming. I reached for the sky knowing this was what I wanted and I was willing to endure this no matter what. I wasn't quite ready for what came next and the sun touch me again it touched my shoulders and I could feel my hair still becoming more full and softer. I knelt hoping that what came next wouldn't be so bad but I was in for a surprise.

     Once the sun touched my shoulder it started the bones began to shift and my shoulders moved in and narrowed the shift was painful but the worst was yet to come. The sun inched it way to my chest but it wasn't a pleasant feeling it was like my lungs were on fire I couldn't really breathe as my ribs shifted and my entire torso shrank. It felt like my spine was being ripped out and my ribs were being crushed I should have passed out from the pain alone and the inability to breath. I Closed my eyes trying to focus on anything but the pain but it wasn't working the pain was overwhelming me in ways I can't put into words. As I knelt there the sun continued it's journey on my new changes once the sun had reached my nipples I thought I was in for some pleasure even the warmth of the sun was of no pleasure. I was finally able to breath and my nipples began their change the pain was like being stabed I suppose they both got this very sharp pain that grew as they did to the size of a silver dollar and became the color of shade of copper. The pain didn't subside the sharp pain grew and so did my breasts they were a little slow to grow which only prolonged this pain.
     As the sun made it's way down my torso it touched my bellybutton (navel) even that had a change I was born with an innie and the suns touch morphed it into an outie. The pain in my new breasts was beginning to subside and the sun had yet to touch the very part of me that I despised the one part of me that I didn't care what kind of pain it gave as long at it was gone. I arched my back as the final part of my tummy was changing I was able to get to my knees and prepare for my ultimate goal. I started to feel the shift in my stomach and my internal organs but I was yet in for more it was when the sun touched my groin before it touched my thingy. I felt like someone had taken a spear and shoved it into my body from the area of my thingy where I supposed at the time was where my vagina would be. I began to scream but once the sun touched my thingy the screaming was cut short by the inability to utter a sound.

     I was only able to glace at what went on for a split second to my thingy as I saw it morph and curled in an unnatural manner it shrank and my testicles reverted into my body and it felt like two bullets being shot into my groin. I arched my back and the rest was not visible to me but the change was felt in every way. I had tears streaming down my cheeks and though I couldn't scream that didn't lessen the pain as the feeling of being ripped in half was prevalent in my present experience. As the tip of my thingy became my clitoris and my thingy became my vagina by inverting going inside my body and the creation of my vagina and the muscles forming into a female shape. I was thinking my back would break if I was to bend backward any further but the pain of the formation of my vagina was only part of it. All the internal organs were forming and developing the ovaries were the only thing nit forming even though I had testes I was to have no ovaries.

     A major shift in my muscles in the area of my newly forming vagina was taking place that was the feeling of my body ripping in half. They shifted and new muscles grew along with the formation of a uterus. I was being given the ability of getting pregnant but not without help as I needed a donor egg but that is for later. My muscles formed a nice mound and my pelvis shifted in a really loud snap that caused me to straighten up and double over so fast my face became hidden in my new *** length hair. I finally collapsed in a heap and my legs went through their change nearly unnoticed as they retained their length but they became smoother and more tapered from the hip down. 

     Something that went unnoticed by everyone even myself was that my body was completely hairless but for my hair on my head my eyebrows and my eyelashes. I lay there unconscious for hours a beautiful woman naked and only covered strategically covered by my hair. I was found by a young girl out gathering berries for a pie and she had to look pretty far from where she lived.. She knelt next to me and brushed the hair from my face as I woke to her touch. I looked into her eyes. She told me not to move that she would get me something to cover me up and get some help. She returned with a large cape her brothers and father to help me back to their home. They piled me into their flatbed wagon on the way to their home the little girl couldn't stop staring at me. The two boys were in shock as they rode across from me and the young girl who sat next to me as the father drove carefully as not to disturb me. They were in shock as the young girl told me why I was the spitting image of her and the boys mother her father helped me off the flatbed and never looked me in the face. They helped me inside the house and the little girl ran into her mother’s closet and got me one of her favorite dresses then lead tome to her room to get dressed. I stood there holding the dress she smiled as I got the dress on and her smile was ear to ear as she recognized me as her mother, I was too young to be their mother but I was exactly like a picture the young girl had on her bed stand.

     It was then she took me into the main room of the house and her father came back into the house and he saw me for the first time he looked into my eyes and collapsed. Sobbing he revealed his wife the woman the mother of his children was my doppelganger and I looked as she did 15 years before. I was still me I had my own memories and my own desires and I looked at the girl and I wanted so much to be who she wanted me to be but I just wasn't I touched her cheek and told her I had to go that I just couldn't be who she wanted. I left the house and promised to return the dress as soon as I could and with that I left and disappeared over the horizon.

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tell us what yu life really is like, tell us how you walk in the park " EN FEMME"

ect............. , now that would really be interesting

Very nice RJ!

TY Elle It was a fantasy I had luring inside of me for some time but I took nearly 3 hours to crank it out. It really took that long to remember it once I started I really wanted to finish it but I realized I wanted to go on to the next chapter in another story.

Fabulous sweetie