A Recurring Dream

I have this wet dream that's starting to show up during waking hours. I'm walking by an abandoned building on a street that I don't recognize. I realize there are people coming up behind me and I turn around to look and there's a bunch of Latino guys behind me. I turn back around and now there's a bunch of them in front of me. There's some talk in Spanish that I don't understand, then they force me into the abandoned building. Some of the bigger guys take hold of me while others ***** me of my clothes and toss them in an old metal barrel.

There's 50 guys or more; tall, short, skinny, muscular, twink to daddy, and every one of them has a big, meaty, uncut ****. Some of them ***** down, while others just whip they're ***** out of their fly. They take turns with me some ******* my *** others ******* my face. I get passed around for hours and hours like this. When they get tired of this they tie me to a pole in the room. They're hanging out smoking pot and talking. Someone starts a bon-fire in the barrel where my clothes are.

Eventually, they take an interest in me again, and this time they **** on me, laughing and making comments in Spanish. They stat taking turns again with my already sore *** and mouth, this time, however, they pull out and shoot their *** loads on my face and ***. I get tied to the pole again while they all get dressed and leave. The one guy left, cuts me free and points me to a door and says, "You go that way."

Oh ****! I just jizzed without touching myself! That hasn't happened too often!
Gingerqueer Gingerqueer
41-45, M
Jan 16, 2013