I Want To Be Taken

I have a fantasy in the back of my mind that lingers like fog. It is of me being taken and forced to open my legs while a man ravish me in his arms .... i think that is mostly because i have a very submissive side to me but i cannot let it go with the one i am with for fear that i will be judged and misunderstood in his eyes i would be....different.
lilbunny93 lilbunny93
18-21, F
3 Responses May 14, 2012

Very sexy!

I'll be your huckleberry if you're interested in turning your fantasy into a reality

Very common fantasy, and very hot. You have me turned on. I want to pin you against a wall, ri your clothing open down the front and have my way with you.<br />
....but in a good way. :P