Wife Rape

my wife loves to rollplay rape and says she wants to be impregnated durring her first real rape. (i cant get her pregnant, vasectomy) and i think she should be taught a lesson as to what true rape is like. she says she wants to be raped and impregnated is anyone willing to help her out?
cumslutwife cumslutwife
31-35, M
5 Responses Jan 11, 2013

Very sexy

Would she like a big black **** and black baby?

Let me use your little ****... no limits all bareback and doing it more than just once.. let me know if your interested.

I might be interested although I would need more details as to how far she would like to go with her rape. I can make it as real as possible depending on how far she wants to go

as she tells me. she would like a real rape. no safe word, no limits, no choices and no backing out.

Check your email

It would be fun to do her for sure.