Now don't get me wrong: I like NICE guys, especially if they're nerdy & my idea of the perfect man/lover/boyfriend/husband is Link! You know Link: the video-game elf dressed in green from the Legend of Zelda? I know...... I am a complete nerd but I am also very hot, so it's ok.
Anyway: I expect my boyfriend to treat me with the utmost respect & the most benevolent & protective love that could ever possibly exist, right?
Except for this one thing: I want a guy who wants to stab my belly-button.
Well, a few things: I like to be tied-up, taken by force (ok: raped, but not abused or hurt in any other way and NO DISGUSTING THINGS, of course; but well, there you go.)
But I want him to lust for it; desire to stab & penetrate my belly-button for not just mine, but his own sexual pleasure. NOT deeply enough to damage my internal organs or anything like that, just the flesh.....
Other than that, I really like romance, consideration, affection, regard & tenderness, etc., etc. Also, it is VERY, VERY important to me that he has NO desire to do sick, disgusting things to me involving waste or germs or anything like that (ICK!!!!!!!!!!) Anything else you want to know; if you are still reading this (and ACTUALLY want to know...), you can just feel free to ask since I seem to have no problem sharing way too much information about myself as it is..
Anyway; what do you think my chances are of finding a guy like that, hmmm?? This started out as a question: BUT I turned it into an experience; since I wrote too many words apparently, for it to be a question....
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6 Responses Aug 20, 2014

I fantasize about finding and being with a woman who desires to have her bellybutton stabbed for our mutual sexual pleasure. I've benn looking for you all of my life.

Hey, I'm pretty sad that you haven't been responding to my messages. I just want to have a friendly chat. Stabbing isn't all I care about and just want the chance to get to know you. You say you look for the perfect guy but how do you know I'm potentially not him? Message me and find out...

Hey! I am here now....... I just recently read all your mesages you sound great! I'd like 2 talk to you more

I fantasize about doing that to a girl's belly button

That is awesome! Have u found anybody to this for you!?

hey, goldfish.....
no, altho i m kind~of scared to really look for what i want, you know? The primary characteristics that I would want in a man (kindness, etc.) are way more important to me than the fetish stuff, & the kind of man i want doesn't exist anymore (obviousy) so i wouldn't trust a man who just wants to do things like stab me, you know?

Haha ya don't be with a guy who wants to stab u. But a lot of guys get off on just turning a girl on. So you could easily find a nice guy that would do this for your sexual pleasure and he still get off on just seeing u get off. It could def work!!

I have always had a fetish for belly buttons, and especially stabbing. Not like really, seriously hurting anyone, but the idea and pressure in the navel. I get into the role play and fantasy of the scenario, and the coup de grace of the stab. I think we have quite a bit in common.

Definitely interested in what your fetish is.