Is My Husband Bi Curious, Gay Or Just Very Sexual

My husband wants to suck a guys c*** and wants to have a guys c*** in his a**. There was a time period when during sex this was his expressed fantasy and he would describe what he wanted, he did suck a guy once and had favor returned. We did the strap on, but he has always wanted the real thing. He has recently been looking at  alot of gay ****, and researching gay resorts, bars etc. Is he just very sexual, bi sexual or does all of this mean he is gay? 
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5 Responses May 13, 2012

I here you are you giving him enough cause that will drive him that way that is what happened to me I would love the strap on thing from a girl but a guy sticking his you know I don't think so

It means he is curious about his sexuality. He might be gay, if he is attracted to men. It might be that he just wants to try out being with a guy. Talk to him about it to keep things open and safe in your relationship. If you are open to it, consider a three-some with him as the focus. Invite another guy from Adult Friend Finder or other adult dating site. It could be fun.

On the other hand, if it turns you off, talk to him about it and find out what might be acceptable to both of you. Good luck, you are going to need it.

Not enough info to know for sure, but def at least bisexual

Why not try asking him?

I'd say he is just a very sexual person.