Ever Since My Best Friend's Older Sister Got Me Off When I Was 13

When I was 13, I stayed the weekend at my best friend's house for a slumber party. Her parents went out but left her older sister (18 I think) in charge. There was the three of us and 5 other girls my age. We all played the usual games, nothing unusual, but we were all up when her parents stopped by around midnight.
They left very quickly, I was really tired but everybody was still messing around. I said I wasn't feeling to well and wanted to go asleep. Her sister told me I could go in her room, and I did.
Shortly after I got snuggled down in my sleeping bag she came in and took a shower and put on a nighty and headed for bed. I was still awake and she asked me why. I told her I just wasn't very comfortable and was having trouble getting to sleep. She invited me into her bed. She had a double bed and there was plenty of room. She was really sweet and we got along great even though she was so much older. We started talking, I don't remember all the details but some how we started talking about sex. There was the "I will show you mine if you show me yours" then touching. She was so hypnotic... when she touched me if felt so good, she told me she would show me what really feel good if i promised not to tell anybody, not even Trish (her sister). I did.
She massaged me, and I experienced my first ******. She showed me her toy, a kind of a rubber like ****. It looked like a guys hard ****, even pink with blood vessels and everything. She had me rub her until she got really wet, then she had me do her with it.
She really had me turned on. I started ************ regularly after that.

I now have this urge to be the big sister for a young girl, it would be so hot to have this kind of intimate contact.  Just thinking about it turns me on.

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Thoughts like that are so hot. It was a great story. Would love to hear you found some sexy teen or 20 something to seduce the same way as you were.

it sounds like it was exhilarating. I had a similar experience at that age and still dram about it sometimes.

So wonderful warm and intimate<br />
Thanks for sharing<br />
Good luck<br />
Hugs<br />

I think this is my favorite story

omg I kind of want your first lol

WOW, very hot story. Sounds like you had a wonderful introduction into the world of ************.

That is such a HOT story. My wife had a similar experience with her female cousin when she was that age as well.

Wow you have some amazing experiences,so glad I came across you on EP.I have been on here only a week but wow that is unbelievable.Please share more stories on here.

thats hot, you don't normally get to hear girls first time experiences so often.

That is a great story. My first time was when I was a young girl too. Check out my story if you get a chance! Girl on Girl play is so hot!!!<br />
Thanks,<br />
Smiles :)

wow...hot story alright........

Very good story...Thanks

I always wondered if it was just guys thinking about sex at that age. thanks for sharing

I agree that it would be very hot to teach someone younger. If you ever get the chance please be sure to share it with us.

What a great introduction to sex.

What a great mental image painted by your words. Write more and often!

I agree. People are too up tight.<br />
As long as it's sincere and caring I don't think anyone would regret it. I wish I had your experience.

Turns YOU on? You should see how much you've turned me on!!

Great story.

true, uptight is not good or healthy,lighten up like we do here, did you have any other experiences with her ? why not write a story based on your fantasy to teach a young girl what you know, have you been approached by another female ? have you watched any women have sex without joining in, that is a turn on for me just watching

I would love to have a young friend to teach, it would be so hot if it could be done without getting into trouble. Everyone is so uptight these days.

Wow, suck a nice beginning to you sexual awakening. thanks for sharing

Hmmmmm what a great way of being introduced to the pleasures of sex ;-)