This Is Driving Me Crazy!!!

i think about being with women more than i think about being with my boyfriend. dont get me wrong i LOVE being with him too, but ALOT of the time i just want to feel another womans breasts, and her curves. i want it so much, its what most of my dreams are about. HELP ME!!!! this is driving me crazy!

lusciousdammit lusciousdammit
22-25, F
6 Responses Feb 11, 2009

Your boyfriend might enjoy watching as I do, watching with my wife and other men or at least hearing about it after the facts.

I feel u girl, am that way, only difference is that i've left my boyfriend now looking for a partner!

I am still in this boat. I love my bf, BUT he is not a female. I believe until I have my first experience with a woman, I will desire that moment. (sighing heavily)<br />
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You ask for help, but I can only agree with your words, and tell you that your picture is lovely as well. :)

I know what you mean..........The thought of it turns me on so much! My husband caught me looking at some female-on-female **** and asked me if I was bisexual. No, just love women. Feel very sexually attracted to beautiful women, and fantasize constantly.....would love to have my husband be ok with a stray every now and again with a woman...............sigh.............

Talk to him about it? Or just do stuff and don't tell... (I know I'm encouraging "cheating" but it's for your health and well being.)

We could help each other by chatting often. I am young & married, but constantly think about being with another woman. My husband is sure that I will one day leave him for a girl. The only **** I will watch with him is girl on girl since it gets me so hot. I love him, but long to be with another girl......