I do....

All the time some days!  The body of a woman drives me crazy.   I love their hips, ***, curve of the inner thighs, oh!  I love reading these stories and long for the chance to one day caress a gorgeous woman.  I live in a town where most lesbians/bi's are butch, and that is just not what I am looking for.  I want a GIRL - I already have a man!  I want long hair caressing my nipples, wide hips and a toned *** in my hands.  I am so hot just thinkng about it.  Alas, I feel this day is far away, but I will stay patient and hope that someday this might come true!

41-45, F
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you sould would love to just watch you are very sexy would love to see you and my wife togethere i would very happy just watching then taking her home and giving her a night of hard ******* talking about what you and her did to each other and how great it felt for her me kiss and lick your sweet ***** add us

I can't believe I just came across this story now. You know I feel the same way you do...By the way, dear, how are you doing...and have any of your fantasies or desires become reality since we've last chatted???

I know what you mean, <br />
Good Luck!

AKM you said what I am thinking

It is only the obvious lesbians who are butch. I'm a "lipstick lesbian", very feme, and you'd never know just from looking at me that I'm into women (god knows men keep hitting on me, lol).<br />
<br />
So, there are probably lots of women like you in your town, you just dont realise it. You'll find one eventually.<br />
<br />

Good luck with your dreams. If it ever happens, be sure to let us know.