What Wonderful World!! the Bi-sexual World

I have fantasized about women always.. When I would have a dirty magazine- it was the woman that really turned me on. It was not until I was 35 and I told my husband that I "kinda" wanted to kiss another girl!!! I had no idea that my comment would ROCK his world and mine! He allowed me to completely open this avenue and start an adventure that has been so rewarding. Once I discovered that I was bi-curious I was free to at least "try" kissing a girl. He completely set it up and took me to a place where I could have an experience. He found the perfect girl at this place. She and her husband joined us for a drink and the next thing I know I was kissing this sweet innocent beautiful girl and I was on fire! I went from bi-curious to bi-sexual with one kiss. I just had to allow myself to go there. My husband and I now "play" with other couples who have bi-sexual wives. We do not "swing" we just get together and the girls are free to make out and the boys LOVE it!!! It has set our sex life on FIRE! FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glabella Glabella
2 Responses Mar 10, 2009

Although I do envy the relationship you have with your husband, I think I would want my first time to be on my own. To enjoy every moment without wondering what he's thinking or feeling. Also...when you say the girls are free to make out, does that mean just kissing???

WOW - I envy you.....