To Do Unto Her As She Does To Me...

That's my fantasy. I've kissed other women, caressed other women and I've loved it but it's gone little further to date and I dearly wish it would. I've been with men and don't get me wrong they can be great - with a little guidance that is - strong and fulfilling but my fantasies are of other women.

To have another woman do to me all those things I dream of, her touch, her caresses and her kisses and for me to do them to her is what I fantasize about. To feel her smooth legs against my own, to hold her and to kiss her smooth body and to do those things I lie awake dreaming about. I hope to one day be with that woman.

Sheildmaiden Sheildmaiden
31-35, F
1 Response Feb 18, 2010

To be with another woman is so good. It's as if she knows just the right places to touch. It's much gentler with another woman and the passion is sometimes so intense.