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My hubby encouraged me to try it out. To feel how different it should be like between being with a man and being with a woman. So one night just me and my sis (she's lez) went out to a club. I was on the dance floor with my sis when this very attractive younger chick butted in to dance with me. Pretty soon she was kissing me in the mouth and we kept on kissing as we were seated at my table. She then let me fondle her boobs from inside her blouse. That's all that happened that night and the trail just got colder after. She had a very busy school schedule. The experience however left me wanting more but I have not wandered into a club as well since.

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I know one thing about girl on girl. When I see or am with two sexy feminine ladies and there isn't an obvious "butch", I get wood that will recover very rapidly. When they get down to pleasing one another, sexually, it blows my mind.

That would be fun, thanks =)

Used to be a lot of bi and gay women in Luzon. I am bi, and loved the ladyboys and women. I find the ladyboys always knows who is who. I hope you experience more soon. If I was there I would find you a woman if she would borrow me her Take care.