Im Still Not Sure Where I Stand.

I feel straight, I know im straight. Last time I was with a woman, i got nervous because I am inexperienced and ran from her. But, I think about being with a woman very often. I dream about getting married, every time I do, I picture myself with a woman. When I was 15, I was convinced I was a lesbian. Just last year I decided Im deffinatly straight. But, I still think about girls. And, you know, I don't even like straight ****, it just doesnt excite me. Well, theres where I stand. Im just not sure.

I take that back, about the ****. It does excite me, but lezbo **** excites me way more. Sorry for the TMI.

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I have been in a relationship with a man for 10 years now. I have also been with a couple woman the first like u I was way to nervous the second was my best friend and it was the best time of my life ! It was supposed to be just a get over the curiosity type thing for us both and no big deal. Boy what a surprise we both got when both of us have never ever enjoyed something that amazing!!! My man was ok with it at first but then realized how much I couldn't wait to be with her again so I chose to stop.. It has been about 5 years since the last time I have ever felt so amazing and although sex is great with my man I still talk about her during sex with him like what I would like to do to her and what i like she did to me and so on. I cant stop I have tried but ever since I had that experience with her I crave it! So anyway I cant really answer you I know how you feel because I have kids and been with the same man for 10 years but why do I always look at woman think about woman and had the best mind blowing time of my life with a woman yet live I guess a fake life? I dont even know what I would be labeled as? Anyway dont stress over it if it feels right it is right! hope somehow this helps!

I really hope this don't come off as disrespectful.<br />
but you don't sound straight. at all.<br />
Though, labels ain't my thing.<br />
You just sound like you are really into girls.

Forgive you for what? lol, most comments are welcome. Idk, one of us is right. I guess we'll find out with time. how are you today?

Forgive me for saying so, but ... if you like thinking about girls more than thinking about boys, then you may want to reconsider holding on to your str8 card. I don't really like labels anyway, but I don't think you're str8, love. Just sayin' ... lol. As I said, forgive me :)