The Pick Up

This is dedicated to a very kinky submissive female. You know who you are ;)

This hot young blonde in a pink sleeveless top walks into the bar, around late 20’s early 30’s, and already she’s getting more attention than a celebrity surrounded by paparazzi. She’s definitely one of those girls that knows she can have any guy anytime she wants. And it’s so easy, all she has to do is wear something skimpy and show some cleavage. On the dance floor, 5 guys surround her thinking they will all get ******** tonight if they keep touching her. While dancing, she doesn’t mind the stroking of her shoulders, her thighs, her waist being grabbed to help move to the music. Everyone except for me has hit on her. I wouldn’t want to be just another reject, oh no. I would want her to remember me every time she thinks of showing off her body. After about the 6th shot of cranberry vodka, she decides it’s time for a potty break. She is the only one entering the bathroom, and no one else has come out in a while…she must be the only one in there.

As I walk in, I notice a pair of feet, with black lace undies crumpled around the ankles, showing off the bottom of the bathroom stall. In there, this woman with such a sexy, yet intoxicated British accent blabs on and on to her friend about these guys she’s gonna **** around with tonight. I’m running out of time, and the music outside is at its loudest, it’s now or never. I go in very fast which alarms her and causes her to yelp out and dropping the phone in the toilet. A cloth is smothered around her nose and mouth, and passes out in seconds. All screams and movements are brought down to a silence and I’m able to carry her out without any fighting. As I walk out, the guys look at me wondering how I got her to leave with me. Everyone’s drunk in this place, no one would think a passed out girl was chloroformed in the bathroom.

When she wakes, her vision is slowly gained back. She looks around and only sees black walls surrounding her in a mist of bright purple lights. It’s the only room she can view as her arms are caught in leather restraints and stretched out in a Y-position. I can hear her cry from the other room as I sip from my beer listening to Rage Against the Machines softly playing through surround sound speakers. “I’m coming already you *****.” She looks at me with confused eyes wondering where she might have seen me but no one enters her mind. “I’m one of those guys you don’t pay attention to. I’m one of those guys that stares, wondering the possible ways of degrading a piece of *** like you.” She responds by yelling at me, thinking if she demands me hard enough I might actually fear her. But all that hope disappears as I laugh at her and spit my beer in her face. “Alright so, you wanted to **** around. I’m just making it a little kinkier for you.

The lights and music really set the mood, as if a dominant was about to punish his submissive. She closes her eyes and pleads with me not to hurt her as my pants and underwear are taken off completely. I come up to her with my naked body against her naked body. “Shhh...don’t cry. I’m gonna take care of you. You might even like me after this. I know girls like you enjoy **** like this, so you should be thanking me.” My hands start touching her, just the way the 5 guys at the bar were touching her. I’m behind, feeling up every part of her body. I feel up her neck, down the sides, around the waist, slowly drop my hands to her thighs, down the legs, and all the way back up. Her body reacts differently than she wants it to now. Despite the kidnapping to a dreary dungeon-like space, a part of her adapts and is enjoying the new scene. When I grab her C cup breasts, moans escape her mouth and she’s suddenly moving into my grip. “That’s it see?…I’m not such a bad guy once you get to know me.” Her response is only a ‘**** you’ and just keep groping her. Now I have to let her know who is in charge. An expected SMACK fills the room and a sharp pain is felt on her left butt check. “My name is not **** you…it’s Master. That’s what you will call me from now on.” Of course this blonde ***** has to talk back and be nasty with me. She forces me to SMACK her again with a leather paddle. This time a ‘Master’ almost came out, but she sounded too humiliated to let me hear it. I then feel up her **** using my whole palm, collecting the moisture and letting her feel her own juices on her face. “You little ****, you’re enjoying every second of this. Now call me Master and beg me to **** you!” The leather paddle keeps smacking her *** til she says what I ask, which didn’t take long at all. She sounds so sexy saying the word ‘Master’. With her accent it sounds like ‘Mas-tah’.

Now that her position is finally realized within herself, I can treat her like the **** toy she wants to be. I give her everything she wants, a nice fat **** rammed up her *****. Those meat lips spread wide open to accommodate my size and she’s barely able to take it all without squinting her eyes close in such discomfort. As I **** her, I know her mind is lost in the excitement of such domination; to be taken, used and completely unable to take control of her situation. Her hips happily move up and down my **** not even thinking about it. She moans even louder when she feels my hand around her neck, not really choking but enough pressure to keep her head still. The back of her head is right up against my face. Her hair blows from my panting breath, which also warms up her cheeks. Thrust after thrust, my long **** abuses her hole, and I feel my length getting even slightly longer the straighter it goes in it. This *****’s body went from rejecting to welcoming every part of me inside her and I can feel her **** pulsating on the edges of my also pulsating ****. Soon it was coming for her time to finish. At this point she was so into the dominance she even had the decency to ask if she could *** with my permission. After I counted backwards from 10 I gave her my permission, and her juices came pouring out like a waterfall. It soaked my **** as well as the insides of her thighs. Once the climax ended, I pulled out and just in time too. She was so satisfied and worn out from the pleasure she was practically letting the restraints hold her up. I wanted her down though so I can finish myself off. She was still awake a little and understood what I wanted from her next as I stood her up on her knees. She happily took my **** in her mouth but I had to help her suck me. After a few minutes of hair grabbing, deep throating, and some mild to moderate gagging, she roughly gags one last time but with my *** down her throat.

She actually looks quite beautiful when she sleeps. I didn’t have the heart to wake her up and I was feeling lazy to carry her. Instead I leave her be, leaving a note on her body saying “You were much fun. I’ll be watching you to make sure you’re being a good girl. Your new Master :)”
mexicanpervert mexicanpervert
22-25, M
Nov 27, 2012