Master With Wife As Pet - Need Ideas By The 10th

My wife has always enjoyed being a bit submissive and having me take charge sexually. Sometimes we have done bondage and tied up and teased and she has enjoyed that. Light spanking. I sensed if it were to be more dominate she would be okay with and enjoy it so tonight I started texting her while she was out of town for two more days. I am looking for ideas on what I could do. Read the text and let me know what you would want done to you, you have done with your wife or what has been done to you.

Me: I am looking forward to my pet coming home on Monday so I may play with my toy.

Her: :)

Plan on being my pet on Friday evening the 11th until Sunday morning 2 hours prior to church service at 11 am.

I will handle everything and provide you preparation instructions throughout the week.

-Warning - if you ask a single question prior then there will be no Friday pet being played with and no opportunity to receive pleasure. Not a single question. This is not a game to see what you can get away with.

You will be punished with no sexual release if you break my rules.


Her: ;)

I will only accept a yes or no. Are my instruction clear?

Her: Yes

Good answer. Your first instruction. I want you to play with yourself tonight and tell me about it later. Create a fantasy involving me, not as your husband, but as a **** primed for your ***** then tell me about it when you get home on the way from the airport.

Punishment will be tracked for any failures and adminstered Saturday morning. There will be a checklist in the kitchen so you know where you stand. You are free to fantasize. I will deliver the fantasy on another weekend but the 12th is my weekend to deliver.


Her: Yes

Safe words are
Green - more (meaning I like it, keep going, if you ******* stop the game it is over and my husband can sleep on the couch for the night, my ***** is wet, hot, wants more and I have nothing in the way right now that would stop me from enjoying sexual bliss. You have the green light to keep going no matter if I am moaning, wincing in pain, shuddering, crying, saying no or saying stop. I know it is a game at this point and want it to continue.)

Yellow - Gentle (meaning, I like it, am curious where it is going but I am getting a bit scared or uncomfortable and need to feel some control, continue but go slower or punish me lighter.)

Red - Watermelon (undo you, and we talk about what scared you until it is worked out. Then we both choose if we want to continue.)

No matter what, you are my pet from 5 pm the 11th until 9 am the 13th.

(I decided it was time to for her to start learning my expectations and 10 minutes went by without her response.)

You are about to receive your first discipline mark for lack of response. I do not expect to ask clear everytime. A simple yes, without me asking will be sufficient. You have 10 more minutes to respond.

(WIthin one minute I got a response)

Her: Yes, sir.

I am not your sir. You are my pet, and a pet does not have a sir. A pet has a master. You should learn quickly. That was a rookie mistake, but I don't believe grace would teach you any sort of lesson here. That is deserving of one pumishment mark.

(5 minutes goes by and no response)


Her: Yes.

2 marks. Yes, Master. Is how you will address me.

Her: Yes, Master.

My pet, you make me proud. You have always been a quick learner. I look forward to hearing your fantasy and how wet tonight made you.

Her: Yes, Master.

Still learning. 3 marks. That was a compliment. Appropriate answer would be thank you, Master.

Her: Yes, Master. Thank you, Master.

Cute little pet, so much to learn. Good night, enjoy yourself.

Her: Yes, Master.

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I want to give her a letter everyday on red paper with instructions for each day to prepare her for Friday.

I know Friday night when we go to a wedding she will have her Ben Wa balls in her ***** when we leave the house. And she will serve me all night long at the wedding for all the food and drinks and anything else I want.

On Saturday will be some light spankings as her punishment and increasing as she gets turned on.

What else would you like to hear about and have me do to her? We do have a basement that I can rig up a rope and bolt system to tie her up to.