He's Still A Daydream Away...

I lay on the hammock, acutely aware of the warm body laying next to me. My eyes were fixed on the brilliance of the night sky, but my mind was wandering to a far more captivating sight. The one of the boy l was sharing this clear florida night with, the very one whom had cleared the scars from my arm and the numbness from my heart. The person that made life worth living.

"It's beutiful, isn't it?" l murmered wistfully, my usually booming, boisterous voice soft and girlish. He knew as well as l that l was not only referring to the spectacle before us, but the intangabile of the love blooming between us.

"Just like you." he whispered sweetly, his voice barely louder then the soft rustling of the trees. l rolled over anff blushed to find his intense brown gaze boring into me, his floppy coffee-color hair falling messily into his face. Something about his ruffled hair made him that much more endearing, similar to the way a child may be attracted to a scruffy mongrel even if it wasn't show dog material. Somehow his imperfections made him that much more perfect in my eyes.

"Your blushing." he stated simply, and l could hear the flirtasious smirk in his playful voice.

"How do you know?" l pointed out, reffering to the dark cloaking my backyard. As l stated this, a deeper shade of pink had flushhed under my pale skin.

"'Cause your you." he stated simple, his eyes transfixed on my sillouete in the dark.

"How do you know? l could be frowning. I could be angry, Hell, l could even be crying!' l declared playfully.

"Aww, you shouldn't cry." he scooted closer to me, so l could hear the steadiness of his breathing, the beating in his chest.

"Because guess what?" he inquired, his steady gaze regarding me affectionatly.

"What?" I asked.

"What?" he echoed, reminding me of the game we had played long before we had started dating.

"What?" l repeated, knowing l would win this battle of wills like always.

"I'm gonna kiss you now." he whispered. My face was now cherrry in the moonligh, heart pounding with anticipation. It would be my first kiss, and wanted nothing more in the world then for it to be with him.For a few torturous moments we did nothing but look deeply into eachothers eyes, the glory of what was to happen next swimming in my mind.

"When are you going t-" he cut me off mid sentence, passionatly thrusting his lips upon my own. His arm pulled me closer as l returned the kiss, the hammock rocking at our innocent display of affection. And for that moment, everything evaporated but me, him, and the stars.

TheSunshineheart TheSunshineheart
Dec 22, 2011