Sex N the Counter

I wanna have u on thee counter suckin on your ttits while i play with your ***** pull my **** out with your hands then ima go up && eat you out like never before have you moaning && flinching callin me papi then ima lay u on thee kitchen floor && put my **** in slow start strokin hit yo shyt from thee side make you moan && scream my name turn u over bend that *** over hittin yo shyt from thee back smakkin your *** goin in deep && fast && hard gettin u nice && right then ima pick u up && carry u to thee room witt my **** still in you && you riding me all thee way in thee hallway till we get to thee bed && you hop on top ride me backwords turn around on thee **** && ride me facing me get up && do thee splits a couple times pull my **** out put it in your mouth fxck ur mouth up && you can suck me till my **** is soft i put u back on thee bedd && do u missionary till you creeam all over ima fxck u fast && slow && deep your cream may make you bleed I'm finna pop that cherry honey we get done we take a shower or a bath you choose either way we ****** in there ima wash u up witt my tung && play with it on my way && then put u up on thee wall of thee showerr && fxck u && have your ***** smakin till i bust && we goin another round we gunna do it on thee dryer I'm ****** u while its vibrating u have pleasure both was bend you over thee dryer fxck you in your *** spread your shxt i won't bite come out && I'm ready to taste thee pussi again we can do that all night till thee clock hit thee time i gotta hit thee road buht your pussi is mine && my **** is your ride my shyt till you get tired
-F R E A K M A N I-

just2fresh just2fresh
Mar 17, 2009