While the concept of my being with a couple would have more than likely never crossed my mind before, I'll openly admit the idea has recently begun to appeal to me. A man and a woman.....being able to touch and taste each....scents intermingling....all seems lovely to me.

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If they have been together for a time and at least appear to have a healthy relationship it raises fascinating questions about humans and the possibilities oh relationships and how some people are able to function in a given sort of relationship while others are not. That's really just a part of all the possible things you could learn. In all examples I've heard of of a couple having sex with a third person one or both members of the couple were trying to find something they felt they were missing through the addition of the third. It never lead to anything good, probably because they were doing it to try to solve a problem rather than to explore or for fun. It would be fascinating to encounter a couple who did not fit the above desc<x>ription.

No need to blush. You're not alone. I have this fantasy too and have for a long time. Candy is so right and I agree with her, the thought is very erotic. I'm a single, unmarried and unattached male and I'm at a time in my life when I want to act on it, but am not sure how to go about finding a couple that would be interested. I'm not a stranger to multiple partner sexual relationships. I've been in two Girl-boy-Girl **********, one during my first year in college that became a full on ménage à trois that lasted for about a year and another when I was in my 30s. Both experiences were incredible and I'll give you ladies credit; you girls are incredible creatures in every way. In both cases, I sort of fell into the experience. But now, I want to become involved with a couple and I'm ready, but finding a couple that's interested seems to be a challenge. But a woman with two men under her feminine and sexual power and wanting and desiring her; her hands touching, caressing and exploring them and their hands doing the same to her... it does seem lovely to me.<br />
Hope you get to experience it soon.

I've had that fantasy too. I think its very erotic. But for me acting on it is whole other thing. I don't know that I really want to. However, I don't see why not if someone wants to.