I often find myself day dreaming about having sex with my teacher during class.
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That's hot

many teens have such thoughts about their teachers :)


you know what I have been actually a real teacher, and I have been dreaming about having sex with my student. Wow what a match :)

please add would love to chat about are dreams

add me luv! i can teach you!

So do I

I am sure the teachers are thinking the same??you sound naughty?? love to chat please add

Really? I don't think a teacher would be thinking that seeing he will lose his job if they do anything sexually, plus go to jail

I think you should give your head a shake and wake up

Why is that? It's not legal for a teacher to be in a relationship like that with a student

I am sure teachers look at the young girls, do you see how they dress these days

Look yes but I am sure they do not have sexual thoughts about them

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