I Fantasize About My Wife Working In A Massage Parlor

I have a fantasy that my wife goes to work in a massage parlor. She leaves for work dressed in a sexy outfit, perfect makeup, smelling of vanilla lotion and perfume. I know she will be massaging young horny men and jacking them off. Maybe more. At the end of her shift she comes home with detailed stories of the men she has been with- a few wanting a straight massage, most wanting a hand job at the end, one or two wanting a ******* or full intercourse. She tells me how big or how small their ***** were, what they talked about, how much they came, or if there were any guys that she wished she could have done more than they asked for. Then on another night I go to where she is working, I walk in and she is one of the women who stand up as one of several to choose from, as one of them asks me if I'd like a massage. Naturally, after careful consideration of all the girls, I choose her and from there on she treats me as she would any other customer, even prices.

I have brought this up to her in the past but she will have nothing to do with it. She says the men who come in there would be fat and gross. I've begged her to try it for just one day to see if she'd like it but she gets annoyed with me and I drop it. Haven't talked to her about it for years now, but the fantasy is alive and well.

I know why this fantasy has such an allure for me. Let me describe a powerful experience from many years ago.

My first sexual experience was at 16. I had heard some guys at school talking about a massage parlor where you could get a massage and hand job from a beautiful woman. So after I saved up some money from mowing lawns, I got on my bicycle and rode to a massage parlor I found in the Yellow Pages. I was nervous as hell going in but also extremely excited. I had never seen a woman's breast besides in pictures and had never had a woman touch me in any sort of sexual way. But I wanted it very badly! I walked in the place and it smelled like heaven-- perfume, baby powder, light fragrance of incense. On the couch and chairs in the dimly lit lobby were five or six girls who all got up when I came in. "Would you like a massage?" One of them asked. They were all gorgeous. Every one of them. They were dressed in sexy clothes and to me they were right out of a Playboy magazine. I picked the one I thought looked them friendliest, a 20 something girl with sandy blonde shoulder length hair and medium sized but full breasts. She smiled warmly at me - she really was so kind!- and took my hand and led me to a small room that had a long cushion on the floor covered in a sheet. The room was dimly lit and smelled of baby powder, lotions and perfume. Soft music played. I had never been in a place like this and the presence of this lovely woman was already making me hard. She told me the different prices for different kinds of massage and, not knowing most if what she was referring to, and having only $60 to spend, I went with the one hour topless massage. I gave her the money and I couldn't believe I was in such a wonderful place! Finally I was going to be with a woman. Something I could only fantasize about since I was 12! She told me to get undressed and lie on my stomach and she would be right back. I did as she said and she was gone for what seemed hours, but was only a few minutes. She dimmed the lights a little more and took off her top. I peeked behind me to see. My God! I was alone in a room with a beautiful topless woman! He breasts were incredible, full, natural, and the nipples were wide and smooth and exquisite!! She sprinkled baby powder across my back and legs. Her soft hands caressed my back , and glided down the length of my torso and legs. They danced across me like angels wings. I was rock hard-- did she know? I wondered. She told me to turn over and I boldly did as requested, my young erection immediately straining toward her. She smiled warmly at me when she saw how excited I was. Baby powder sprinkled my front side except for my exploding ****. And right in front of me now were those breasts! Right there in plain view. Unbelievable!! Her delicate hands floated onto my stomach and I jumped a little. I had never been touched like that before. Embarrassed I said quietly, " I'm a little touchy." She misunderstood my quiet comment for a question, because she said, "Sure, you can touch me." I was breathless. I had not planned on actually touching her! So I slid my hand to her heavenly breasts and gently cupped it and squeezed it and played with it. So this is what it feels like! She continued to massage my front side, touching all but that which was dying to be touched! Finally she stopped and ran a towel over me to remove some if the baby powder, picked up baby oil, poured it into her hand then put her gentle hand on my ****! She rubbed the oil around then started stroking me slowly. As she sat next to me on the floor, she lightly rubbed my chest with her other and while looking at me with loving eyes and a pleasureful smile. Nothing condescending nor with even a hint of ridicule, though she had to know this was my first time with a woman. In a few minutes I was shooting *** everywhere. It shot over my head, on my chest; it was running through her fingers as she slowly settled down her stroking. She left her hand on my **** till I finally started to soften. She cleaned me off with a towel and, as a fitting conclusion to an incredible experience, she bent down and kissed me on the lower stomach. Such a wonderful person. Not unlike the person I married years later.
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Jan 13, 2013