He Knows It Too

We have shared fantasies... so he knows what he does to me. How he has excited me... how I have made love to him in my mind while touching myself. I have thought of having him with me... of waking to find him next to me, of leaning against him, of feeling his hands come around me while next to him, of having his eyes on me while I undressed. Of undressing him. Of opening myself to him....
SabrinaNYC SabrinaNYC
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32 Responses Jul 26, 2010

Ooooo... inside, huh? That part of me is reserved for someone else! And I don't mean just my Gyno!

And just how close do you intend to get, huh?

You like? Wanna come in closer?

For you, babes... spread-eagle.

Well, I might be 'open' to suggestions....

Oh, sure.... and do you intend to USE that speculum? HMmm?

My my....nurse... what a BIG ERECTION you have!

Didn't have to consult Sherlock Holmes to figure this one out.

Oh, LOOK! How cute! The nurse has popped wood!

Your not slutty for anyone else? I don't quite believe that.... LOL!

A slutty one!

Just asking... I mean, you DID offer to get it warm.... come on... bend over....

Oh? Gunna insert it into yourself to do that? Heh heh

intruders? HOt hot hot.....<br />
<br />
NO ONE likes a cold speculum, ilikesluts.... NO ONE...

i love this :) it reminds me of stories that me and my fantasy man have. just me and him, with a few intruders now and then lol

Brush brush brush, floss floss floss.

But I don't take gas at the dentist... I've never had a cavity!

Yeah... too bad...<br />
<br />
I am NOT going to get into describing the speculum....

Ummm... not to be too demanding... but you really don't know what goes on in a ob/gyn exam, do you! LOL!

Of course, Dr. Lang. I understand. It's nice to not have to wait an hour! I'll be ready for you.

Wait a minute... wouldn't I be the patient, not the nurse? I should be coming into your office for my ob/gyn visit.... but the nurse is out sick today.... if I agree, I have to see you in the examination room without any third party being there....

Ahh.,... you like to play doctor?

You might have to... we'd need a gyno chair... one with stirrups....

But will I get all the sand out... that's what I want to know!

I'll bet it would! So would my legs!!!!

Hmmm. the champagne sounds enticing... I would have to get into QUITE a suggestive position in that hot tub.... although it would feel WONDERFUL to have those jets hitting there.....

Damn... that sand got into uncomfortable places though....

Was that YOU? Wow... I wondered if I would ever find that man again....

Well, get your dirty mind in gear then....

If your avatar is you I'd be fantasizing about you all the time.

I doubt it, he is probably hard at work.

Think so? I wonder....