It's Just What All Girls Do In The Shower! (for You Xxx)

I'm stood in the shower, it's really hot, it's not a shower to get clean, this is already the second one
of the day and it's only 11am. This shower is for us.
I know you're there, stood behind me, I can feel the water bouncing from your body
back onto mine. Im facing the shower not wanting to turn.
You get closer, I bring my own hands up my body wishing they were yours.
Ibring them up to my breasts the hot water cascading over them,
I look down, I can't see past them to my stomach, they're too big,
I close my eyes as I lift their weight higher, trapping my nipples between
my fingers and pinching... this is you isn't it? mmmmmmm.
you move in close and your hard **** presses against me
angleing itself on the top of my butt cheeks.
I squeeze harder dreaming that you're here, if I wish hard enough it's like you're here.
the shower gel, purple, smells delicious, poured below my neck, letting the water
take it down my body.
I release my right breast and follow the suds in between my legs, in between the soft
wet hair, and in between my lips, it's so slippery it feels delicious.
I moan out, you tighten your grasp on my nipple as my fingers tease my
****... Im begging you to insert them, to push them into me....

In they go - I gasp, the water pouring over me through my hair, down my neck
over my breasts. As the soap dissolves it froths, little white bubbles
settleing around my *****. You pull out and in again, The force of the water
hitting my nipples, its your lips....

So now you are in me and licking me, my head is spinning as I press myself against the
tiled wall, hoping for some resolution to my frustration.
The window of the bathroom is open and so although the water is so hot,
as soon as it settles it cools down.The wall is cold
and my nipples love it, I bend my knees slightly so I can drag them to the
cold again... you have ice cubes in your mouth?    mmmmmmmmm
in and out, in and out...
I feel my legs buckleing my thumb kneading my soapy ****,
I want you here;
My right hand grasping and pulling at
my ****, my left moving with repetative movements, in and out
and back and forth, curling my fingers forward know my body so well...

I start to moan as I dont have a choice anymore
this is going to happen.
The heat of the shower has gone, it's not got cold, my body is numb
youve moved your face down, you're on your knees, suckleing
me lapping me with your stiff tongue. My breathing rasping and
deep, I'm ******* and you love it. I can hardly stand anymore,
mmmmmmmmmm baby.

This one's for me. I'll make you *** later. hehe x

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6 Responses Mar 11, 2012

I have lived out a similar scenario many times in the shower. There is a special someone I've met here that always seems to make his way into my showers ;)

Not messed up, Babe! Just two people with the EXACT same desires!

Reading you tell about and your lover, <br />
Reassures me I want to press forward to seek<br />
a lady and share my first time with someone <br />
Who can hold me and when she touches me <br />
I'm lost in nothing but her. I really do want to <br />
Caress her and taste her whole body . And wake up to her day <br />
After day . I knew I would not marry again well<br />
That is for sure with any male . I want to find a lady and share life

Mmm my 7in stif

whoo hoo! Miss teasy is in the house!!! more! more! more!

*write down

Wow very interesting... But disappointed that it ended jus like that

Wow, that sounds like it really turns you on. Tell us more please :)