Bridal Suite

Now there's hotel rooms meant for dirty weekends, business stay overs, treat girly nights away etc... and there's HOTEL rooms that are designed for sex, love and the loss of virginity... (even if it's gone, the first time with someone new can be like THE first time, as Madonna).

Because I know the couple well, I can easily get the bridal suite keys...

So here we are, with an hour to ourselves, the bride and groom busy downstairs with their guests, they said they'd leave me alone so I could recharge my "emotional batteries", but I put the do not disturb sign on the door anyway.

A quiet knock on the door, I peer through the spy hole,
You're all suited up, looking as good as you could, looking good enough to eat.
I open the door, grab your tie and pull you in.

We stare at each other for what seems an age, taking in each others features, your eyes, your mouth, your eyes again... your mouth, your lips, your parted lips... I move in to kiss you, and you back away...

you move over to the bed and sit down, smiling... I walk over and sit down next to you, my heart thumping so hard and loud.
Who is taking control? is it equal? one of us has to make the first - your hand moves onto my cheek, you turn my face and kiss me.
So gentle at first, like a nervous teenager, not wanting it to go wrong, I can feel you trembleing, your lips telling me how much you want me, how much you care.... your other hand moves up so you're holding my face, you are in control as you pull me to you harder, your tongue gently taking time to lick my lips, then part them and join mine in my mouth.
My body meanwhile is leaning towards you, my hand on your thigh, scratching it's way up... knowing we haven't much time but wanting to take advantage of every moment;

If we had time I'd spend the whole evening teasing you to the point of begging, that's what I would want... the idea of you holding back til I'm on my knees for you turns me on so much, but we've no time for that luxury... and so as your tongue rolls around my mouth, I run my fingers up your leg not stopping til I feel your risen hard ****.

You pull away from the kiss to look at me, and we grin... I want your kiss again though... you hold me and look down
you want to look at my body, to take it all in, to feel me, all your senses need fullfilling. touch, smell, sight, hearing and taste... you want to taste me don't you... your eyes travelling down my body to my thighs... they are slightly apart...

What are you going to do???!!!
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3 Responses May 12, 2012

slowly undress you and kiss you all over, until at last my tongue goes to your engorged button and i start to kiss and lap at it until you ****** takes over ....

love the idea ... lets do it for real.

put the kettle on and have a nice cup of tea :)


With only an hour to spare, time is not on our side but long enough to savour a long wet kiss, stroke your inner leg, your outer *****, your ****. To explore the areas my finger has gone before but with my tongue - probing, licking, flicking, sucking you. You are getting wet and your **** is throbing with anticipation. <br />
I'm hard, so hard. I want you. <br />
The exploring is done, time for down and dirty ******* to satisfy our mutual lust. Me in you: you wrapped around me. Deeper, then deeper still, reaching that point of no return and tipping, nay pouring, over the edge....