A Dream

To: Warm4u

I dreamt that I go out to the nearby store to shop. Once I am there I realize I have no panties on. I continue shopping and after a few minutes, a big titted girl enters the store. As she is shopping I can’t keep my eyes off her jiggling ****. I approached her and pretend to pass by brushing against her jiggling jugs. Her nipples are erect and that makes me wet. She looks at me and smiles. I feel very encouraged and when she is in a corner, I go up there, lift my skirt a little and give her a view of my dripping *****... I know she is horny too so we enter the store room, I pull up my skirt... HEAVEN... she eats me like no one ever has, slurping up every drop while I pressed her face even deeper … It’s when she started sucking my ****, I came in my dream I woke up.

My dream was very much like yours I was the girl with big ******* of course my dream continued as I slurped and sucked your top came off and as you played with your *******. I only glanced up and saw the pleasure in your face but my eyes landed and froze on your *******. I was torn cause I wanted to suck on your ******* almost as much as I was enjoying your *****. Thing was I couldn’t tear myself away from your delicious and sweet *****. I so wanted the milky breasts calling to me but I had a meal in front of me I wasn’t about to leave I wish I were two people so I could pleasure you in both ways I would also get the pleasure of both experiences.
RJ43 RJ43
46-50, T
Nov 28, 2012