Worlds Apart

Everyday i reread our fantasy and imagine us.  I have never been as turned on as i have been since we started talking.  Our fantasy is growing in length and i am loving it.  I never wrote a fantasy with anyone before, and never thought i would have the chance to write one, especially not an interactive one.  You are in my thoughts day and night.  And i have a feeling i may be in quite a lot of your thoughts as well. ;)


hornyv hornyv
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3 Responses Feb 15, 2010

Great. I concur with the previous statement: Stay wet and happy...Hopefully your fantasy will become a reality...<br />

Fantasies are how we build and perfect in our imaginations the desires that we can soon turn into great realities! Stay wet 'n happy! ;-P

fantasises are healthy and good for the soul. i have had so many of them on ep. lol