Call Me ...


Leave what you're doing right now.  Go pick up the phone and call me.  Let me hear your voice.

The soothing tones of your voice that warm and excite me.  

Let's explore what we could do if we were together.  Here in the same room.  What would you like to do my love?  Tell me ...  hmmm?  Don't be shy.  You can tell me.  Whisper.  

What's your fantasy? 

Let me touch you ... let me link my fingers through yours and squeeze your hand ... let me hear what you dream of. 

You want to kiss me ...?  Oh yes, please do ... I want to feel your soft lips against my mouth.  Your tongue between my lips.  Let me lose myself in your kiss.   Make my head swim.  Carry me away.  

Hold me, let me feel your strong hands on my body, pulling me to you.  Do you want me to be submissive?  You want me to give in to your every command?  I surrender myself to you.  Whatever you want is yours.  Mould me, make me putty in your hands, grip and move me.  Make me your toy, your plaything.  I give in to you.

Use my body for your pleasure, take what you want, know I give it willingly, nothing forbidden.  Your pleasure is mine and I want all of you, hold nothing back from me, give me everything.  

I want to forget that anything else exists, I just want to focus on you ... and me ... on the love we can make together.  Just us.  

Tell me what you want ... speak to me.

womaninbliss womaninbliss
51-55, F
9 Responses Mar 8, 2010

good guess mizz!! lol

Is it Joe Pasquale?

thank you new2cfnm ... I often distract him ... it's what I do best!

you can reassure her EnglishMuffin that my intentions are pure and honourable ... haha

wib - I have asked you to stop pushing these invites my way! I'm getting very hot under the collar and my wife is beginning to suspect something..!<br />
<br />

No. Sorry, no hints. It's not too difficult to work it out if you have the energy.

So, no hints, huh?

Well, I have to be honest Myonis ...not really ... but you can call me if you like! lol

Somehow I don't think this was meant for me, was it... (I was curious and had to see if you'd leave any hints.)