Fine. I Confess---and Excitedly, Too!

It was a chance read on some miscellaneous story by some anonymous icon, a meaningless screen name.

Not even a story, really. More a question; so I gave it a quick thought and answered. And then I deleted it all--she, this anonymous, meaningless user name, began to take on persona.

What would she really want? I wondered, and then started over. Certainly not a quick romp and then delete. To get that she could have simply said, "I'm a woman, who wants me?" She'd have had her pick. But she asked a real question.

I answered the question with a story (c'mon, who is surprised?) and asked one of my own. A simple, treacherous question. I could have told her a story and left it there. Or bypassed it and gone on to one of the more "I'm a woman, who wants me?" story lines and been one of the other 12000 two sentence replies.

I'd be a freer man today if I had. Mine would have been a more romantic, more erotic answer than "Go to a movie, have a beer, bang you when we get home," but it would have meant the same.

But, no. I asked a question...waiting for a response was excrutiating. Would she see it? Would she like it? Would she answer? Would she have an intelligent answer? Would she play along? Would she look at my profile---my anonymous icon, my meaningless name---and ignore it? I waited....

Ah, this one was different! A challenge? Yea, maybe that was it. The romance, the story before, and during, and after mind-bending sex---the mere opportunity for THAT (and I'd be the one to right it) was too hard to pass.

Tonight I'm entranced. The icon is not anonymous. Mysterious, yes---I have no idea what it means. It's better than a fish, or a landscape. But not anonymous. Not a portrait, certainly, but more than the hundreds of other icons I've seen here.

Now she teases me. She uneases me.

Her meaningless screen name? Fraught with meaning., oh I can't get it. I haven't plummed the depth of the meaning....and don't check back, because I'm not telling when I do.

Do I whet her appetite? Oh, with every stroke I try to. I create for her, trying to reach further into her than any appendage ever could, further than anyone else tries to---though she's a hot woman and brings out my craving man, so we write about that, too!

Now, just some days later....she knows just what it takes to make me blush.

Fantasize? About her? No, the question itself is wrong. I don't fantasize ABOUT her.

The fantasy IS her.


She uneases me, and it pleases me!   

Should you happen across this thread, Mysterious Icon, I hope I have the same effect on you!

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1 Response Mar 12, 2010

Sounds like you missing her, terribly. I wish you luck in finding her.