A Whole Lot of Things!

1. Getting into all the colleges I apply to and have them fight over me by awarding me bigger and bigger scholarships.

2. Moving out to LA and becoming a writer/makeup artist/politician with a really nice house in the hills and a swimming pool.

3. Traveling around the world and not having a nervous breakdown.

4. Getting married to a funny, smart, geeky guy and having a big wedding where I wear a white dress and there are lots of roses.

5. Having four kids and seven dogs (but not in the LA house, it a house in the Welsh countryside).

6. Having sex with Jon Stewart.

7. Going back in time and meeting Jesus and having him give me a tell all interview about what his life was actually like.

8. Having the biggest movie collection and a whole bunch of movie buff friends to watch it with.

9. Food. I fantasize about food all the time. All sorts of food. Man, I love to eat.

10. A happy life.
wanderkid wanderkid
18-21, F
Aug 14, 2007